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Your Body Is Strong! Here’s How to Keep It That Way!

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If you’re alive in 2024, have an internet connection, and check social media often, it can often feel like the world is a horrible place, and we’re all screwed. You’ve got to protect your home, buy insurance for everything you own, be careful of everything you eat, drink, or touch, and perhaps most importantly, protect that ever-so-fragile body of yours. Skin, hair, eyes, hands, whatever it may be, there’s always something else you can do to keep your body healthy, right?

But here’s what those ads in your Instagram feed don’t tell you because, surprise, surprise, it doesn’t sell their product. Our body is pretty darn good at keeping itself healthy on its own. After all, we haven’t had these fancy creams, pills, supplements, and oils for the vast majority of human history, and our ancestors must’ve gotten by well enough to bring us into the world! In fact, the human body is so incredibly complex that even the top experts who’ve dedicated their whole lives to understanding it don’t even come close to fully grasping everything. Despite all the advancements in medicine and physiology that our world has been blessed by, there remain dozens, perhaps hundreds, of unanswered questions about how our body works.

All this is to say that our body, in its natural form, is pretty impressive in what it does. Millions of years of evolution have given us a machine that’s many times more powerful than even the most powerful AI or supercomputer out there. What’s more, it’s also far better protected than any machine you might be used to. That antivirus program you might’ve had to buy for your old Windows machine a few years ago? Yeah, any nerd with a brain could easily whip up something that could get around it. But the body’s natural antivirus program (which we call the immune system) is basically rock solid. You might not think that when you’ve caught a cold or have the flu, but your body is attacked by millions of unwanted bacteria and viruses every second, and the end result is that you maybe get sick once or twice a year. What’s the save percentage on that? Pretty good, we think!

And remember that time your friend thought it was hilarious to push you into the pool while fully clothed and with your phone in your pocket? Very likely, you panicked that your phone would be okay, and your clothes were likely a total mess. But your body? After rubbing it with a towel for a few seconds, nobody probably noticed you’d just taken an unplanned dip. And that’s because your skin, like the immune system, forms an incredibly powerful protective barrier to bits of the outside world that don’t belong in the body. And for what does manage to seep through, your body doesn’t just short-circuit and go dead like a laptop might after getting a drop of water spilled on it.

For germs that manage to sneak in, you’ve got the immune system, and for everything else that doesn’t belong in the body, we have what’s called antioxidants. They might not get as much praise as the immune system, likely because unwanted chemicals and minerals that seep through the skin aren’t quite as scary as deadly viruses, but their role is nonetheless heroic. All the time, millions of times per second, the body encounters chemical compounds it doesn’t want in the air you breathe, things you touch, food you eat, and water you drink (or fall into). Many of these sneak through the skin and become what physiologists call free radicals.

And that’s where antioxidants come in! Much like white bloodcf what you eat and drink, ironically alongside a lot of unwanted compounds that the ‘good’ antioxidants end up chasing after. Yes, we said it; the body is a complicated thing!

Common sources of antioxidants that your body probably uses every day include fresh fruits and vegetables, vegetable oils, eggs, green herbs, and seafood. So the amount of antioxidants you take in can depend very much on your diet. Which isn’t that much of a surprise, but here’s the thing:. Antioxidants are busy, and they’re one of the few things in your body where we can pretty much always say, the more, the merrier. There are always unwanted toxins and chemical compounds entering your body, so the more antioxidants you’ve got floating through your veins, the faster your bloodstream will be clear of all that bad stuff. And since antioxidants are inorganic compounds, your body can’t just produce them when it needs more—they need to get there somehow!

Now, antioxidants are important, but we’re not going to try to sell you on some complex diet to make sure you maintain a high level of antioxidants in your blood (not that that’s even a thing, after all). But fortunately, there are some quick and easy ways to get a bit more useful antioxidants in your body.

Boost Your Antioxidants with a Spoonful of…Antioxidants?

Sure, there are some foods that are high in antioxidants, but to get a really high dose of useful antioxidants, you can go directly into some of the most antioxidant-potent chemical compounds themselves. One of them is melatonin, a hormone that you might’ve heard of thanks to its sleep-aiding functions. But what’s less discussed about melatonin is that it doesn’t only play a massive role in helping you get some sleep, but its antioxidants also add a huge boost to cleaning up your body.

But you can’t just eat melatonin; it’s a hormone, right? Well, normally, that would be the answer; you’d have to take a bunch of supplements with the building blocks of melatonin (most of which are also likely high in antioxidants) and then leave it to your body to turn into melatonin. But why not? Melatonin is a chemical compound, after all; why not make things easier for your body and just have a spoonful of melatonin instead of melatonin ingredients mixed with God-knows-what?

That’s exactly what Timothy McNulty was thinking a few decades ago when he founded PureBulk. In a market where it’s so easy to find supplements and medication filled with long lists of ingredients that are questionable at best, it’s surprisingly hard to actually find just what you need. But it didn’t have to be that way, as he believed, and with that, PureBulk was born!

True to his word, PureBulk has made melatonin and its antioxidant goodness, available in its purest form. And at an incredibly affordable price as well! A small bag of powdered melatonin will cost you just about 8 bucks (just a little more than a latte!) and will give you enough stuff to keep your body antioxidant-boosted for over a year. Now compare that to how much you’d have to spend on fixing your diet or on some fancy supplements! Who would have ever guessed that things can get more affordable when you remove all that unnecessary (yet costly) fluff?

You can order pure melatonin from PureBulk as a raw powder or in small capsules. We recommend the powder, as that’s where you’re really getting the pure stuff, but if you don’t mind the gelatin casing, the pills can make things easier for some people. Make sure to carefully measure the powder before taking it (we recommend a milligram scale), as this is powerful stuff and you only need a tiny bit each day. Sure, antioxidants are something your body can always use more of, but remember, melatonin has another function too: regulating your body’s circadian rhythm and sleep cycle. You don’t want to upset this with too much stuff!

Antioxidants Growing Out of the Ground

Many health experts will tell you that mushrooms are among the best sources of antioxidants out there, and that might be true. But it still doesn’t mean that you can just go out and have a portabello mushroom burger and expect it to be loaded with antioxidants. That would be no better than thinking your cheeseburger is a great source of antioxidants because some meat products are. Mushrooms, much like meat or vegetables, are a diverse food group with massive differences in the composition and health benefits between some mushrooms and others.

Though, as health experts will tell you, there are great, antioxidant-rich mushrooms out there. One of the best we’ve heard of is the Chaga Mushroom, native to the cold reaches of Scandinavia and northern Siberia. Indigenous Arctic people have known about this mushroom’s health benefits for centuries, and more recently, numerous scientific studies have confirmed that it is indeed one of the best sources of antioxidants found in nature. Yet they still haven’t caught on to the Western diet. But why not?

PureBulk’s founder, Timothy McNulty, was wondering this when he was looking to expand PureBulk’s offerings a few years ago and started searching the world for its lesser known yet incredibly powerful natural health wonders. And the Chaga Mushroom was one of his best finds.

PureBulk’s Chaga Mushroom Extract delivers nothing but the best of the best. The ground extract, or the most powerful, antioxidant-rich bits of the most powerful, antioxidant-rich mushrooms in the world, was delivered right to your doorstep. And for just about $20, you can get almost a year’s supply of this stuff and all of its body-boosting antioxidants.

Your body might be pretty darn good the way it is, but it can always get better! Don’t load your body with loads and loads of chemicals and other pseudoscientific treatments that you see on your social media feed to try to “fix” something. Your body can do just fine on its own, but let’s just say that a cost effective way of adding extra antioxidants to give it a boost is always going to help!


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