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Taking The Bath & Body Industry By Storm: The Organic Way!

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Glad you found your way here! We are about dive deep into the topic of natural shampoo and tallow body butters, and change your perspective on almost every product you’ll find in the store! Additionally, you might be also interested to hear how this can affect your furry friends as well! Let jump in!

Tale As Old As Time

Once upon a time, there was a couple who lived on a hill. They raised sheep and cattle on their acreage lot, with abundant fields of pasture for the animals to feed in. The farm experienced typical seasons like fall, winter, spring, and summer. When the Spring came there were sheets of rain and thunder, when the Winter came there was frigid cold dry air and the climate was harsh, when the Summer came it was hotter than a desert, and when the Fall came it was perfect. Oh! The couple’s names were Ed & Wanda, and they pretty much lived happily ever after, except for the time Wanda got a rash on her hands from the cold. Oh…also that time Ed couldn’t get rid of his dandruff, and it got all over his clothes. Well…then there was that time that both Ed and Wanda couldn’t for the life of them keep their skin hydrated during the harsh winter months…not even their cattle's teats! Yes, you read that right…even the cattle were having a rough time and their udders were sore!

Ed and Wanda gathered the carriage and went into town, but there was not much for produce where they lived. If they didn't have an abundant garden and harvest, or their animals, then they wouldn’t survive. In town, they looked and searched for a solution but couldn’t find anything! Wanda had an idea…if they couldn't find a solution, then they would make one! Ed whinnied the horses down the brick road and to the local library, where Wanda thought surely there would be a good book of use. Sure enough, a book of organic and medicinal recipes for all your needs from body to mind. Ed lifted the ladder to its place and Wanda picked out her treasure…

Introducing PERMA∞EARTH

Welcome to chapter one, where we learn about the author and what inspired her to create this enchanting book of remedies. To start it off, let me introduce you to Mariah Campbell, the co-founder of PERMA∞EARTH. She started making home remedies back in 2011 for her rescue dog that had dry and itchy skin. After trial and error and testing for weeks, Mariah successfully created a soap that would clear her dog's skin, leaving it soft and hydrated. That is all where her journey began as the founder of PERMA∞EARTH! From there, she grew a small business into something great! In 2014, Mariah attained her Permaculture Landscape Design Certificate from Oregon State University’s online program. Now…in all seriousness, let me catch you up to date on our little story. For starters, it’s a story about Ed and Wanda, not Mariah, so follow along will ya? Ed and Wanda are fictional characters that represent you and me… I know we needed a little more explanation. Mariah is a fantastic businesswoman who has created the solution in today's day and age that Ed and Wanda learned in our tale as old as time! See the resemblance? All we need is to look back a couple of 100 years and see the value in our ancestry…well, thanks to Mariah, we don’t have to go to the hay fields and raise our own cattle to make our ancestors proud.

After years of hard work, dedication, time, and investment, Mariah has since built her team creating over 300 handmade bath and body care products. Each targeting natural solutions to hair and skin issues. She offers products from hair care, skincare, aromatherapy, and spa days. She strives to cover all self-care needs for the health focused and eco-conscious individual.

How To Make An Organic Shampoo Bar

Ed and Wanda opened chapter two to find something rather ingenious, which they had never thought of before. How to make your own organic shampoo bar…interesting, Wanda said. Ed looked at her as he read the ingredients for what seemed to be exactly what they had on their farm!

Mint Leaves & Eucalyptus All-In-One Shampoo-Body-Shaving soap contains ingredients to feed hair and skin from the outside-in while cleansing, nourishing, and strengthening the hair and scalp. Without any synthetic detergents or harsh surfactants, this completely natural soap does not weaken the disulfide bonds in the hair but reveals the user’s natural hair texture and body. This may eliminate the need for excessive styling products past a conditioner. The base of the soap is essential fatty acids and naturally occurring vitamins from local pasture-raised lard and USDA certified organic saponified oils. In addition, this PERMA∞EARTH shampoo soap contains mineral-rich kaolin clay, antioxidant rich and scalp-soothing essential oils, and sea-derived magnesium oil. These provide a myriad of benefits for a beautiful scalp and hair. Magnesium is the special ingredient that assists in promoting a clear scalp and faster hair growth, as most people today are deficient in this essential nutrient due to the mineral losses of topsoil erosion. Pasture-Raised Lard is always the star ingredient, with its bioavailable vitamin D3 content the second highest of the world’s fats, while only cod liver oil is the first!

Ed stopped and looked at Wanda with the biggest smile! Finally, a remedy for my dandruff, he remarked.

How To Make Tallow Body Butter

Wanda opened chapter 3 and with a huge relief she read the words ingredients for Lavender Tallow Skin Butter! They read in awe…

Lavender Tallow Skin Butter contains only 3 simple ingredients: Local Grass-Fed Suet Tallow, Lavender Essential Oil, and Non-GMO vitamin E. Our grass-fed local tallow is hand-rendered in-house using a slow, dry-render method to eliminate any use of water, which retains its nutritional benefits without the need for strong preservatives. Grass-Fed Suet Tallow is naturally high in Stearic Acid and Conjugated Linoleic Fatty Acids, which greatly benefits dry skin types: helping to protect, preserve, and nourish the epidermis. Tallow was used by our ancestors to keep their skin youthful, glowing, and soft. Our rare Non-GMO vitamin E is only derived from sunflowers, without using any soybean, wheat, canola, or vegetable oil derivatives.

Wanda could finally see a tangible solution for her dry, itchy, rashed skin! What a joyous day it was for both Ed and Wanda. They bought that book, traveled their way back home, and got to work!

Your Guide To Better Skin And A Better You

Now, as we all know, Mariah Campbell was born into the world a couple of hundred years after Ed and Wanda time, but the story prevails. Just like Ed and Wanda, Mariah needed a solution, and she found herself a version like this book from the library. In her own way of research and learning, she found these same remedies so you and I could learn these old ways too. Mariah tested and trialed her products so they would meet her unimaginable standards and be offered as a safe alternative to store bought products for you and me!

Take it that Mariah has years of experience, that she can be sort of a guide to us all. She can show us the reigns of hard-earned Tallow and magnesium mint soap! We don’t have to do the research, she has done it for us and packaged these age-old remedies in today’s day and age.

Happily Ever After With PERMA∞EARTH

Thanks to Mariah Campbell and her continued success with PERMA∞EARTH, we can live happily ever after…Oh! I forgot to tell you…remember Ed and Wanda? They lived happily ever after, too! So just like them, we have our solution and remedy that’s age as old as time.


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