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Sleep is often a highly underestimated tool toward better health and overall wellness. Sleep is an absolute necessity to sustain life and yet we frequently take it for granted. We think nothing of skipping a few hours here and there and apply very little focus on establishing a healthy bedtime routine to ensure a good night’s sleep is achieved. 


And this is to our detriment. We spend so much time planning our lives to the finest details and wonder why we cannot keep up with our plans. A common reason for this is simply a lack of sleep. Without an adequate night’s sleep, lethargy takes over, as well as issues with appetite or eating poor quality foods in an attempt to sustain energy, and a heightened sense of stress and anxiety may manifest. 

Sleep is one of the most natural ways you can improve your health and wellbeing from all aspects: physical, emotional, and mental. Your body needs time to wind down and go through its innate rejuvenation process through sleep. Taking time to rest or get at least 7-8 hours sleep each evening is a valuable use of your time- it is not lazy or unproductive, it’s the exact opposite! 

Sleep for wellbeing

Coffee, sports drinks, caffeine pills, energy drinks, and so on are all designed to heighten your senses and make you believe or feel that you are alert. However, what you don't realize is that your body is slowly deteriorating, or struggling to stay focused or awake. 

Essentially, energy aids deal with the short-term lack of energy and focus but do nothing for the longer-term effects of sleep deprivation- if anything they may contribute to a poor night’s sleep-over time!  

The time when your head hits the pillow to the time you wake up is the MOST important in keeping your beauty and health in check.  

  • When you sleep, your body boosts blood flow to the skin, which means you wake up with a healthy, replenished glow.  

  • Good sleep also gives your immune system some fighting power to ward off the common cold or flu.  

  • Sleeping well consistently may keep you looking younger for longer. When you skimp on sleep, you also run the risk of having your complexion looking drab, tired, and lifeless.  

  • When you sleep, your hormones rebalance and your body goes through a repair, restore, and rejuvenation process. Without this rebalancing, your fatigue levels will skyrocket and you will feel below par! You may also find that you are more prone to chronic conditions and mental health issues through sleep deprivation. 

  • Aside from the obvious beauty benefits, lack of sleep can have more serious consequences. It can affect your overall health and make you prone to serious medical conditions such as obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. 

It’s a sobering fact that as many as 1 in 3 people suffers from poor sleep! Nuvo Wellness has recognized a lack of sleep as a precursor to many avoidable health concerns. 

Nuvo Wellness was created to help people enjoy their lives without pain through the use of alternative, natural and homeopathic methods rather than using OTC drugs and medicine. In particular, their sleep sprays are effective for helping people rest and recover and improve their wellbeing.   

This Nuvo Wellness mission began when the founder realized that his parents were heading into their golden years and they were starting to experience signs of aging. His Mother was developing early signs of Parkinson’s and doctors prescribed pain killers and meds, his Father had joint issues and gout, and again it was always conventional medicine like pain killers that were prescribed to mask the pain. 

“Nuvo” is a spinoff, from the French word “Nouveau” which means “New”. And that is what our young company is all about. Creating new but also time-tested products so that everyone can enjoy life to its fullest”- Nuvo Wellness 


Nuvo Wellness set out to look at alternative remedies to promote healthy living and longevity. We all have aches and pains that hinder our ability to do the activities we love, from simple joint pain to headaches and migraines that can ruin the day. Nuvo Wellness also has a brand new Migraine Relief Stick that is all the rage.



However, as mentioned earlier, sleep is one of the most underrated activities in modern times.  

Nuvo Wellness believes everyone should have a good night’s rest; they developed Sleep Spray and Magnesium Spray as a way to help people achieve this! 

“We are continuously adding new products to our Sleep line. One of our most popular products is the “Sleep with ME!” spray”- Nuvo Wellness 


Sleep Spray

Delicately crafted by our in-house aroma-therapists this spray is not your typical lavender spray. 

There are six essential oils carefully blended to help ease anxiety, calm your nerves and balance your hormones

All the essential oils are pure and there are no perfumes added.


If you need a little more of a nudge to get to sleep then consider adding a little melatonin to the formula in the form of a sleep aid. 

“Our ingredients are all-natural and herbal. Ease your anxiety and stress for restful sleep with our all-natural blend of chamomile, magnesium, valerian root, GABA, and other essential potent herbal ingredients. The melatonin in each capsule is 0.9mg so it's enough to get the job done without knocking you out!”- Nuvo Wellness 

For those that have restless leg syndrome, Nuvo Wellness also developed a Sleep Spray with magnesium.  


Magnesium Sleep Spray

Magnesium deficiency can result in joint pain, headaches, low mood, muscle cramps, and restless leg syndrome.  

Many of you may know the feeling as you slowly drift off to sleep and then your leg shakes violently; often it means that if you’re sleeping with your partner they get jolted out of their sleep too! 

This restless leg syndrome can continue throughout the night and nobody gets a good sleep. This restlessness may not just be in the legs, it can be an all-over sensation in your body.  For RLS relief, consider the Sleep Spray with Magnesium.



“The magnesium content in our spray is one of the highest concentrations in the industry and will help to combat the deficiency almost immediately to give you some comfort. Our spray is also lightly scented with lavender to help with relaxation. 

Many of our users have offered high praise for this product”- Nuvo Wellness 

Nuvo Wellness creates products to help you live the best life you can because you deserve it! They have a variety of collections in addition to their sleep range, these include Mood Collection, Migraine Relief, Acne Care, and Aromatherapy. Their products are MADE IN USA; Manufactured in a certified facility that practices GMP. 

“It is scientifically proven that sleep is one of the most important body repairing functions. Without sleep, your immune system can be compromised. It's more important now than before to keep your body at its optimal. Make NUVO Wellness a part of your nightly routine!” – Nuvo Wellness 

*In partnership with our friends at Nuvo Wellness *Photo courtesy of Nuvo Wellness

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