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Natural Energy Boosts for Total Well-Being!

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We all need energy. It is our language, our currency if you like. Without enough energy, we either cut ourselves short of what we need or others ultimately it is often both. We have become accustomed to meeting our energy demands with unhealthy options but there are ways and means of achieving a natural, sustained and healthy energy boost over a short-term fix!

Stimulants such as coffee and energy drinks often give us what we need to sharpen our mental focus or go that extra mile, but they frequently leave us feeling run down and tired again after the quick “buzz” has worn off.


Letting Go of Quick Fixes

Instead of choosing the quick fixes, we can look for a better solution to sustain our energy levels; ones that are not loaded with sugar, caffeine, and synthetic stimulants that don’t support or fuel our body well.

Change is hard, especially when you have become reliant on something that you feel you need to get you through the day. But change is needed if you feel addicted or heavily dependent on anything that is not actually good for you. We become sick and unwell when we don’t meet the demands of our body for certain vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Your health and well being deserves a focus that is both smart and sustainable.


Here are some ways that you can naturally boost your energy for total well being!

  • Choose to not buy the energy drink that promises all and yet is loaded with sugar or ingredients that you cannot comprehend or that you know are not good for you- it’s that simple!  

  • Limit your caffeine intake. For all coffee lovers, perhaps a coffee or two a day is OK, the point is to not depend on it so heavily. Perhaps start the day with a coffee and then aim to choose something different for an energy boost later in the day, such as some fresh fruit infused into water, or a herbal tea with energy-boosting ingredients such as ginger, ginseng or green tea.

  • If you work in an office or a closed-off small space, just taking a quick break for some fresh air can uplift you and get some much-needed oxygen back into your lungs. An added benefit is to apply a few drops of essential oil to a handkerchief and inhale for 2-3 short breaths. Essential oils such as lemon, lime, and orange are powerful, energizing, and can help switch your brain back on.

  • Aim to upgrade your diet and choose foods that are high in energy-boosting vitamins and minerals, and ones that provide a sustained energy release. Bananas, brown rice, sweet potatoes, eggs, avocados, and fish that are high in Omega 3 value are all great options for slow release energy. They help to keep you fuller for longer and provide you with sustained energy.  

Of course, there will always be a point in the day where you feel a little sluggish, and that is totally normal. However, if you are feeling this way on a regular basis and depending on unhealthy options to see you through- then it may be time for a rethink!

SPORTea® developed their product for everyone that wants to remain in high-energy form or perhaps re-energize after a tough day, the healthy way. SPORTea® is not just another tea…! It is a truly amazing alternative beverage to the heavily caffeinated and/or sugared beverages in the marketplace. It energizes you naturally and quenches thirst.

SPORTea® has been a family Business for over 30 years now... with just a single product- SPORTea®.

It was originally developed by a member of the Herb Research Foundation board in Boulder, Colorado during the early 1980s. The inventors focused on the fact that there were no naturally energizing and healthy beverages in the marketplace, a beverage that everyone could drink and feel good about doing so- both from a health perspective and a taste perspective.

The market was flooded with soda pops and heavily sugar-based and caffeinated beverages. In contrast, they wanted to create a delicious, “good-for-you” product and they came up with SPORTea®.

What exactly is SPORTea®?

It is a delicious, thirst quenching, and unique endurance oriented beverage. It is packed with electrolytes (no salt), vitamins, minerals, and nutrients and has no negative attributes. SPORTea® is unparalleled in the marketplace in terms of the natural value it delivers.
SPORTea® is a great tasting, productivity and performance beverage that appeals to a broad audience for a broad range of reasons, here are a few examples!






Increased Productivity at Work

In corporate offices and small business environments where people sit behind computers or work in an assembly line, the goal is to increase their productivity and energy levels in a positive way-  SPORTea® has been their beverage choice.     This is due to its lack of the “surge- sink syndrome” associated with caffeinated and sugared beverages. SPORTea® has supreme sustaining and energizing values, and many companies choose to serve it daily on location to improve their employee performance.



As examples of how SPORTea® improves wellness, cancer patients have reported that SPORTea® gives them energy during their recovery and pregnant moms report that SPORTea® helps prevent morning sickness for them. Expectant mothers also stated that they feel safe drinking the product during pregnancy. In short, whatever your wellness goals are, boosting your immunity helps to keep you well and supports your body to its strength. The high level of vitamin C and trace minerals in SPORTea® are a great way to deliver just that- and it can be relied upon throughout the day.


Sustained Energy

People like stay-at-home moms, students, and everyday athletes appreciate the values of SPORTea® because they can drink it throughout the day to receive their values and feel energized without any negative attributes. SPORTea® has been a regular beverage for everyday athletes, runners, world-class Wimbledon tennis players, soccer players, and many others. They have been using SPORTea® as a training and endurance related energizing beverage which provides electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that they need along the way.  And it’s great for recovery too!






Here are a few key reasons people choose to use SPORTea®regularly!

  • SPORTea® helps build endurance and long-term system performance with ginger, Siberian ginseng, mate, and trace minerals and electrolytes

  • SPORTea® contains “0” calories, no artificial sweeteners, can be consumed throughout the day, and it is satisfying and delicious.

  • SPORTea® helps the body to perform more efficiently and keeps you mentally alert

  • SPORTea® quenches thirst and cleans the pallet

  • SPORTea® has a slightly CitrusSweet™ flavor profile which is unique in the beverage industry




SPORTea® is the ideal beverage alternative...as it is truly one-of-a-kind!

SPORTea® is “a good for you beverage” that is a great tasting, thirst quenching, Decaf equivalent beverage. With no sugar or artificial sweeteners and “0 calories, it is packed with nutrients. SPORTea® gives you a sustained release of energy without the “surge-sink syndrome” associated with heavily caffeinated and sugar beverage alternatives.
SPORTea® is run on strong principles and a solid commitment to its customers

  • SPORTea® ingredients are prime quality and continue to meet the flavor standards

  • Pricing commitment: purveyors of SPORTea® (whether large or small) receive the same competitive pricing

  • Customer commitment: SPORTea®’s “the customer is always right” philosophy guides each and every transaction!



* In partnership with our friends at  SPORTea®
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