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Finally, Two Pure Supplements That Will Change the Way You Rest and Recover

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By now, most of us know the importance of a good night’s sleep. Sleep is imperative for proper cognitive function, mental clarity, a strong immune system, and so much more. Plus, it’s nearly impossible to feel like a decent human being while running on poor sleep!

But did you know that poor sleep isn’t the only thing standing between you and a healthy body and mind? You probably do, because when we’re sick, we explore every avenue available until we feel better.

It’s no secret that internal and external stressors, chronic pain, and sickness are all robbers of precious sleep. However, there’s something else these daily obstacles are robbing from us: glutathione.

If you’ve never heard of glutathione, you aren’t alone. We don’t talk about glutathione and the crucial roles it plays in our body like respiratory, cardiovascular, and immune support, plus how it wards off damaging spike proteins caused by respiratory illnesses.

Glutathione is basically the unsung hero of recovery support.

The more our bodies have to fight chronic stressors by themselves, the less glutathione our bodies produce. The less glutathione we produce, the more unwell we become. The more unwell we are, the more we need deep, restful sleep.

Its a visious cycle most of us know all too well.

Sadly, the times we need sleep the most are often when we just can’t sleep, no matter how badly we want to.

If this explanation of sleeplessness and lack of glutathione is making you anxious, we invite you to take a deep breath. We promise to never leave you without the support you need.

Today, we’re excited to tell you about two pure supplements that can help you achieve the rest and recovery you need to feel like your best self: melatonin and NAC. But first, we’d like to introduce you to their manufacturer so you can understand the heart of the company.

PureBulk: A Supplement Company That Values Purity and Availability

PureBulk was founded in 2008 by Timothy McNulty with a simple idea: help people receive the supplemental support they need without fillers or additives while saving money. It was a big dream with the purest intentions that grew from a humble eBay shop to a trusted store that provides supplements to over 200,000 customers.

Timothy McNutly now offers over 250 pure dietary powders, oils, and capsules for people like you who want to make their own custom supplement blends.

His commitment to pure, budget-friendly health supplements has only grown over the years. Today, we’d like to tell you about two more of his products that we believe will support your body’s crucial need for rest and recovery.


Do you struggle to get out of bed in the morning only to battle brain fog the rest of the day? Do you suffer from headaches and muscle and joint pain?

If so, you may not be tired. Your problem may not even be your age.

The problem causing everything from premature aging to brain fog is actually oxidative stress, and the solution might surprise you: PureBulk Melatonin.

What is Melatonin?

Melatonin is a hormone synthesized and secreted by the pineal gland. Darkness triggers melatonin production in the body to help us achieve deep, restful sleep. This crucial hormone helps regulate our circadian rhythms (the body’s internal clock) so we feel tired at appropriate times. The most crucial role of melatonin is to synchronize the sleep-wake cycle, which is the pattern of time spent awake and asleep every twenty-four hours.

However, did you know about melatonin’s antioxidant properties? If not, you aren’t alone!

  • Is a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from damage.

  • Works well with vitamins C and ALA to enhance this free radical fighting effect.

  • May have healing properties for the nervous system.

  • May help repair damaged nerves.

  • Works harmoniously with physical exercise by increasing tissue repair and reducing inflammation.

  • Reduces chronic stress.

  • Reduces oxidative stress and inflammation.

Imagine tackling your day with the mental clarity and physical gumption of your youth. Picture how much more energy you’d have for exercise, hobbies, and time with loved ones. That’s exactly what PureBulk’s Melatonin can help you reclaim.

PureBulk Melatonin is a pure powder supplement with no fillers, additives, or anti-caking agents.

NAC: the Glutathione Support You Desperately Need

N-acetyl L-cysteine (also known as NAC and acetylcysteine) is the acetylated form of L-cysteine. L-cysteine is a semi-essential, sulfur-containing amino acid that is an important structural component in many proteins.

That’s a pretty big mouthful for a supplement. You may not need to know about the chemical compounds that make up NAC, but what you do need to know is how it works and how it can boost everything from your immune system to your recovery from common illness.

L-cysteine forms bonds with glutamine and glycine to synthesize glutathione, an antioxidant tripeptide. Glutathione is an antioxidant most of us have never heard of, let alone know the importance of, but it’s pretty crucial. Responsible for everything from protecting the body from disease and slowing cancer progression, our bodies need glutathione.

The problem is external factors like free radicals, illness, and stress deplete glutathione levels and leave us susceptible to sickness and disease.

That’s why PureBulk created their NAC supplement. It boosts the availability of l-cysteine to accelerate glutathione production and protect your body from the daily stressors that are so hard to avoid.

PureBulk would like to note that NAC is a supplement with a characteristic sulfur or egg smell. Don’t worry, this is normal and the product has not gone bad.

Benefits of NAC Supplements

Supplementation of L-cysteine through NAC may support the immune system by improving the availability of glutathione. In short, NAC boosts glutathione levels so the antioxidant can do its job of scavenging free radicals and activating natural killer cells.

NAC may also:

  • Support heart health by improving blood flow and increasing glutathione concentrations in red blood cells.

  • Support detoxification and liver health. Everyday toxins like preservatives, parabens, and pollution suppress glutathione levels which NAC may counteract by preserving glutathione availability.

  • Support anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties. NAC’s ability to reduce inflammation, loosen mucus, and boost glutathione levels may improve lung function, making it a vital supplement to treat common flu-like illnesses.

  • Regulate blood sugar. By extending anti-inflammatory properties to fat cells, NAC can support people contending with diabetes and insulin resistance.

  • Provide dermatological benefits. NAC accelerates wound healing which may help acne lesions resolve faster. Many users also rave about the anti-aging benefits of NAC because it helps restore the skin’s natural barrier and reduce skin inflammation.

  • Combat spike proteins. Recent respiratory illnesses can leave behind dangerous spike proteins that damage cardiovascular health. NAC has been shown to rid the body of spike proteins and repair damage to the heart and lungs.

As if this isn’t enough, NAC also synergizes with green tea to reduce the damage caused by oxidative LDL cholesterol. So, if you didn’t already need a reminder to sip an afternoon cup of antioxidant-rich green tea, here it is!

When to Take NAC: Morning or Night?

You can take NAC supplements in the morning or at night. However, NAC supplements metabolize into the amino acid l-cysteine. As certain foods can affect amino acid absorption, it’s best to take NAC on an empty stomach. Wait at least one hour after eating for maximum absorption.

PureBulk All-Natural Supplements are Here to Help

If this article has spoken to your need for oxidative stress relief or glutathione support (or both!), we hope you’ll visit PureBulk’s online shop today and get the help your body needs. If you order Monday through Friday before noon PST, most orders will ship the very next day. That’s how important your health is to Timothy McNulty.

You don’t have to suffer the effects of oxidative stress and low glutathione. With the help of melatonin and NAC, you can rest and recover the way your body deserves. Don’t wait another day. PureBulk is here to help.


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