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All the Right Smells for Everyone: The Best Fragrances Selected for You!

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The scent of our body tells a story—one that might not be told consciously, but nonetheless is as powerful as any other message. Humans pick up on the scent of others in every possible social interaction. There are scents of love, of triumph, of fear, of strength, of happiness, and of basically every human emotion. And we convey this message—these emotions—through our body’s natural scent combined with how we enhance it.

Imagining taking a whiff of fresh perfume from your beauty shelf is a great thought. Because good fragrances are more than just pleasant aromas; they are carefully crafted emotional scents built to enhance the aromas of your personality. If you take a whiff from the bottle, you'll feel these emotions, and so do the people around you when you're wearing a good fragrance.

But figuring out what the best fragrances are isn’t easy. There are hundreds, literally thousands, of brands out there to choose from, each with tons of conflicting reviews telling you one thing and then another. And they’re not cheap either, and fragrances aren’t like magazine subscriptions where you can just ask for a free trial to see if it’s right. Usually your only option is to shell out at least $100 per bottle that will each last you years, or get thrown away if you don’t like it.

From the need to deliver a simpler option for fragrance lovers to pick the best fragrances and experiment with new ones, Law of Fragrances was born!

Founded during the pandemic by a popular fragrance reviewer who you might know from social media as JewfroFragrances, the brand sought to set up an easy way for anyone to order the carefully selected fragrances at the click of a button. A one-stop shop, shall we say, that’ll save you hours from shifting through the overwhelming world of microbrands, paid influencers, and too-good-to-be-true reviews.

Each collection offered by Law of Fragrances is thoroughly tested and reviewed by experts. And what’s better is that with every order, you’ll get not just one big bottle of a scent you may or may not like, but rather a collection of smaller bottles to sample. We all have a unique scent, after all, and we all have different emotions we want to share with the world. There’s really no way to find what works best for you without trying a few first. You can find sets curated for different needs (what’s best for a date night or romantic dinner, anyone?) as well as the changing of the seasons (you’ll want to smell different in the winter, that’s for sure!). But you can also find more broad sampling sets, perfect for anyone just getting into fragrances and looking to try out different aromas for different occasions.

The Classic Set of Aromas You’ll Love

Law Of Fragrances’ Top 5 Picks for Her is any woman’s quintessential collection of aromas for everyday use. And special occasions, of course! In fact, we think it packs the perfect punch for just about any occasion! And what’s better? The sampler set costs less than even just one bottle of high-quality fragrance!

Let’s have a sneak peek into the magic box and see what fragrances you’ll be inviting into your world!

Poetic Aroma’s Kiss the Moon

Imagine the feeling of being transported away from the hustle and bustle of big city life to somewhere out in the countryside. Late in the evening, you’re walking through the woods and suddenly step out into a meadow of flowers. Picture the magical colors of the field, the trees, and the sky, lit by the dimming hues of twilight and a full moon. A relaxing set of emotions that will probably last a good while in your mind!

And these are exactly the emotions and feelings that this fragrance will bring out with its aromas! A carefully designed combination of relaxing woody aromas with more powerful floral scents, Kiss the Moon will leave you (and others around you) in a long-lasting, relaxed state of mind. Scent notes that contribute to these magical emotions include saffron, strawberry, magnolia blossom, cinnamon, frankincense, myrrh, osmanthus, ylang-ylang, labdanum, cedar, rum, vanilla, tobacco, musk mallow, ambergris, sandalwood, and cashmere wool.

Olfattology Zambezi

The true feelings of the jungle come out in this fragrance, with powerful scents to bring out emotions that match the powerful, mighty feeling of a hot day in the woods. Made to enhance emotions to convey an elegant status and your powerful personality, this is a great fragrance for more formal functions and can be effective for men as well.

A powerful blend of wood and herbal scents, the Zambezi combines bergamot, tangerine, magnolia, vanilla, cinnamon, tonka bean, labdanum, jasmine absolute, sandalwood, Peru balsam, cedar, musk, ambergris, and patchouli.

Maison Francis Kurkdijan Baccarat Rouge

When you want to feel sweet, this is the fragrance for you! Forget all the synthetic “sweet” perfumes out there that smell so artificially sweet that they take away the natural emotions from human interaction. This organic fragrance is carefully built with just a single natural sweet scent, along with a number of savory wooden base notes. The latter preserves the natural aromas and feels to this fragrance, so although you’ll smell sweet and delightful, you won’t smell like a perfume doll!

The active high note that gives Kurkdjian its sweetness is ethyl maltol, a natural sweetener used in many candies and cake icings. It’s often said to have the smell of slightly tart strawberry jam. This is mixed in with a number of savory scents, highlighted by the natural wooden whiffs of ambroxan and ambergris, giving the fragrance a powerful punch to pack its sweetness. Wear this on your next date, and we’re sure your date will not only be taken away by how sweet you smell, but also engulfed in the natural yet romantic emotions it releases.

Parfums De Marly Delina

This is a fragrance you might have heard of, as it’s certainly made its name known in the beauty world, and for great reasons! A delicious, sweet-smelling fragrance based on the unique scent of Turkish rose, this one will bring out all those charming, happy, and loving emotions you’ve always dreamed of. A perfect complement for a family dinner, a romantic evening with a loved one, or just a cozy evening in bed with some highlighted emotional charms.

Parfums De Marly Delina backs its floral highlights with the delicious scents of more familiar fruit and spices. The unique Turkish rose scent is combined with traces of lily and peony to produce the floral highlights, which goes together with amorous base notes of lycée, rhubarb, bergamot, nutmeg, cashmere wood, and musk.

Soul of Mine Seduction

Possibly the most powerful and versatile fragrance of the bunch, Soul of Mine Seduction is made for confident women as a boost to natural emotions. The scents highlight emotions that convey high status, luxury, and power, but also warmth, caring, and romance. And there’s an exotic touch to its scent too, with the most active scents coming from the tropical smells of davana, rum, and coconut. Just enough of an exotic whiff to have others immediately hooked by their emotions!

Beyond the tropical whiffs at the top, Soul of Mine Seduction packs base notes of osmanthus, orange blossom, jasmine, sambac, tuberose, neroli, sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, amber, and musk. All in all, it’s a sweet yet incredibly powerful fragrance that will elude emotions, hooking others around you. So let your confidence shine!

Even More Amazing Scents and Emotions? Why Not!

Are the 5 basic aromatic wonders from Law Of Fragrances’ basic collection not enough for your perfume cabinet? Well, we don’t blame you, and that’s why Law of Fragrances has recently released a new set of not 5, but 12 incredible fragrances!

The 12 Days of Fragrances was originally designed as the perfect holiday gift idea for a fragrance-loving special someone. You know, the magic number 12, like the advent season and the 12 days of Christmas! But whether you want to surprise a loved one or just treat yourself to an incredibly powerful and diverse set of personal aromas, The 12 Days of Fragrance is a wonderful option.

Staying true to its design as a holiday season gift, each small vial of fragrance comes individually wrapped and numbered in the order it should be tried. To keep the veil of secrecy that comes with this unique collection, we won’t reveal exactly what fragrances are in the collection. But, if you’re already an owner of Law of Fragrances’ standard collection, we’ll tell you that this collection is unique, yet every included fragrance is as powerful, carefully designed, and emotion-inducing as you’re used to from the brand.

Even if you’re not looking for this collection as a gift, The 12 Days of Fragrance offers an excellent opportunity for any fragrance lover to experiment with some new scents that you might otherwise never have picked off the shelf! A diverse collection each coming in small 2-3ml bottles, it’s the perfect Pandora’s Box to open and soon get hooked on at least a few!


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