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You Don’t Want an Okay Life; You Want a Great Life

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In this hectic world where everyone is trying their hardest to keep up with the race of trying to stay healthy, it seems everyone pursues some supplement that promises to help whatever their health need may be. For some, it’s taking something to help them lose weight or get more energy. Other individuals may seek something to support the signals of brain function properly. However, many of these products have insufficient amounts of proper substances to help people get to the root of their health problems via adequate healing. Besides this factor, it’s also been an issue among many people in locating trustworthy quality supplements. Fortunately, Best Life Functional Medicine offers a line of accessories that are not only quality and reliable, but through their sufficient means of healing the body, they help people finally get to the root cause of whatever their problem may have been. Best Life Functional Medicine allows you to have an optimal life!

Weight Loss

Arguably, one of the most common themes when it comes to trying to get healthy surrounds weight loss. Maintaining a reasonable weight is part of a two-fold purpose. The first is to stay healthy. Although people come in different shapes and sizes, which is a good thing, it’s hard on the body when one’s weight gets out of control. That’s why people seek to sustain an average weight. It’s a part of keeping their physical health in check. The other reason people try to lose or maintain weight is perhaps the most visible. It involves dropping pounds off one’s body to keep one’s appearance up. Everywhere you look, a social media or online ad showcases some weight loss product designed to help one drop pounds so they can look more attractive. Even though this aspect of weight management is not as important as staying healthy, there is certainly nothing wrong with it. Keeping one’s appearance up can help boost one’s self-confidence, as long as people don’t obsess about it constantly. Whether a person is trying to stay healthy or maintain their appearance, quality supplements can help them achieve their goals. In the past, people had no idea what the correct product type was to take care of a specific issue. A high-quality supplement that gets to the root of the health problem someone has is needed to reach the next level of optimal health. Carnitine is a potent substance that helps people lose weight and reduce bodymass.

Increasing Energy

Maintaining energy is essential to get through day-to-day life. With stamina, people can complete tasks more efficiently. In addition, energy is also necessary to enjoy the fun times of life with family and friends. Unfortunately, no matter how much rest one gets, many people seem to need more energy to face life. In our chaotic, hectic lives, our energy gets used up very quickly. The stress of working or caring for a family often zaps one’s strength. Drinking coffee is one of the most popular methods of increasing energy. Some people, though, don’t get enough energy from coffee. Therefore, they consume energy drinks. Many of these drinks are unsafe as they contain dangerous amounts of caffeine, high amounts of unhealthy sugars, and plenty of unnatural ingredients. Besides being unhealthy, these types of drinks are highly addictive. This addiction is not good because it leads people to spend their hard-earned money on products that will only worsen their health. One needs a supplement with the proper nutrients to locate the source in the body that has caused a particular issue, like a lack of energy. It’s well known that carnitine helps one lose weight. It also helps people increase their energy levels. Without carnitine, cells can become weak and damaged.


Carnitine is a chemical in the human brain, liver, and kidneys. As with many useful chemicals and substances that the body produces, the development of carnitine starts to decline with age. It’s essential to keep the body stocked with plentiful amounts of it. As mentioned, carnitine is an important nutrient in helping the body lose weight. The reason for this is that carnitine plays a crucial part in the human metabolism process. Long-chain fatty acids in the body are correctly transported by carnitine into the mitochondria and are then oxidized to create free energy. Therefore, one’s metabolism gets a boost by carnitine, and so does their energy level. When there is a carnitine deficiency in the body, fatigue and muscle weakness often occur. Even though people of a certain age are more at risk of declining carnitine levels than others, people of all ages need to maintain healthy amounts of it. The foods containing vast quantities of carnitine are usually high-protein foods like seafood, lean meats, poultry, nuts, and soy products. However, as with protein, it often takes more than just food to get the amount of carnitine needed to help keep the metabolism strong and maintain excellent energy levels. It takes the right kind of high-quality product that can prove itself to you. Aside from assisting with weight loss and energy, carnitine also helps one maintain healthy cholesterol levels and reduce recovery time from physical energy.

Anxiety and Depression

Just like weight loss is one of the most common themes of staying healthy, anxiety and depression are two of the most talked about aspects of people suffering from mental health issues. Anxiety occurs during periods of great worry and stress. While some of the same things that cause anxiety can also contribute to depression, things like the loss of a loved one or family tragedies can depress people significantly. There are different levels of anxiety and depression that people suffer from. Regardless, it’s best to treat both healthily. People all over the world have also resorted to different types of measures to tackle these problems. Over-the-counter products get used frequently to help people be less anxious or depressed. The problem with many of these products is that many do not contain some of the proper building blocks for things that create positive messages in the brain. The things that make these messages are known as neurotransmitters. While there are several neurotransmitters, there are some that are linked to anxiety and depression.

Serotonin and Dopamine

Both serotonin and dopamine are molecules that send signals throughout the body and affect how we feel. Temporary pleasure is caused by the release of dopamine in the brain, while a sense of happiness comes from serotonin. The body produces both. However, just like carnitine, they both begin to decrease with age. Many of the same high-protein foods that contain carnitine also contain serotonin, like eggs, poultry, and nuts. Besides eggs, dopamine is in apples, avocados, beets, chocolate, and coffee. As I said about carnitine, it doesn’t matter how much of these foods you eat; it’s still challenging to supply the body with the right amount of serotonin and dopamine. It’s also a challenge to find the right product that has them as well.

Best Life Functional Medicine

Best Life Functional Medicine is dedicated to giving clients answers to health questions that have been plaguing them for years. Best Life founder, Dr. Libby Wilson, worked as a Family Practitioner for almost 20 years. After providing quick-fix solutions to patients’ problems over a long period of time, Dr. Wilson felt there was a need to find more answers as to why certain things were happening to people in the first place. She founded her functional medicine practice to help patients find the answers to why their body wasn’t feeling optimal.

Brain Support

Brain Support

Brain Support, certified by the NSF and GMP practices, is excellent for depression and anxiety. Two amino acids that are in Brain Support, tryptophan and tyrosine, are building blocks for serotonin and dopamine. Serotonin and dopamine are the feel-good neurotransmitters that help one’s mood. Since many people are deficient in the amino acids that build serotonin and dopamine, Brain Support keeps up their supply so that neurotransmitters can be built and keep one happy.

Carnitine Supreme

Carnitine Supreme, also certified by the NSF and GMP practices, increases carnitine levels in the body. This increase in carnitine levels helps one lose weight, improve energy, and reduce fatigue. The development of carnitine in the human body starts to slow down as people age. Therefore, Carnitine Supreme helps one keep a steady amount of carnitine in their body to fulfill their needs.

Get to the Root of Your Health Problems Once and For All

People worldwide are finally being more cautious about the supplements they put in their bodies. They realize it takes the most reliable products to complete the job correctly. This scenario is especially the case in supplementing oneself with essential things that the body stops producing as much over a period of time, like carnitine and the amino acids that help build serotonin and dopamine. However, it doesn’t matter what age someone is; keeping enough of these substances is challenging for everybody. It takes more than just a proper diet. That’s why Carnitine Supreme and Brain Support from Best Life Functional Medicine help one supply their body with what they need, and that also helps them understand why they need them in the first place. When you have everything, you need and understand why you need it, your life is more than average; it’s great.


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