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Maintaining the proper hydration levels can be quite difficult. There are various factors that come into play and it could seriously affect overall health. Electrolytes are a great option to help replenish, but unfortunately, many of the ones on the market are full of sugars or artificial flavors, and just are not the best health option. This is where WaterFix comes in. The carefully crafted formula is a game changer in the electrolyte industry. It is great for those who may not adequately reach the optimal hydration levels. In this article, we will dive into the brand’s incredible origin story, the variety of different flavors, and more.


With the warm weather on the horizon, we are going to want to spend time in the great outdoors! This means more time having picnics in parks, enjoying a swim at the pool, adventurous hikes, etc. It is quite important to change some of your routines during this time. For instance, your skincare routine will probably shift from focusing on moisture to more sun protection. Your diet can become quite lighter compared to the colder months and you may even begin to incorporate certain seasonal fruits and vegetables into your meals. Another aspect of your routine that may change are your hydration levels. You may be spending more time outdoors, and your body therefore craves more water. The daily dose of water is always recommended, but electrolytes can also be of great help.

Now what exactly can electrolytes do for your body? Electrolytes can maintain the balance of fluids within your body, which of course is necessary for multiple physiological functions. The minerals that are charged once they are hydrated, such as potassium and magnesium, are necessary for controlling nerve impulses, the distribution of nutrients across cell membranes, and muscle contractions. Also, when exercising and just going about your day to day, sweating and drinking alcohol can tremendously deplete your electrolyte levels. To properly replenish, it is important to take the adequate amount of electrolytes. Plus, electrolytes are great for heart rhythm, acid-balance - this list goes on!

There are various electrolyte beverages currently on the market, but they have not ticked all the boxes on what electrolytes are supposed to do for your well-being. For instance, electrolytes are supposed to replenish you in a light and natural way. There are plenty of electrolyte brands that contain excess amounts of added sugars, sweeteners, and artificial flavors. This defeats the whole purpose of allowing electrolytes into your body, as the added sugars and artificial flavors will quickly dehydrate you. They also lack the essential minerals for proper electrolyte levels. Again, defeating the purpose of even buying these products. Many people even note that there is a bad taste (since there are so many sweeteners used to cover up the taste), making the electrolyte experience a bit more daunting. This is very unfortunate, especially for those looking to enhance their health and overall wellness with electrolyte products, as well as those who are just consistently on-the-go. For instance, mothers who are aged around 35-45, may regularly want to use electrolytes since they are typically managing multiple things at once - work, home life, family, her own health, etc. So, how can we find the balance with an electrolyte product that properly replenishes you, with the essential minerals that your body needs, excluding unnecessary sugars, as well as including a taste that will have you wanting more?


Enter WaterFix. WaterFix is not just your average beverage. It’s on-the-go deliciousness! Seriously, it has various flavors for you to choose from like Cherry Peppercorn, Strawberry Lemonade and even Cucumber Lime. WaterFix is not just hydration either, it is an electrolyte drink that fits with your unique lifestyle. Plus, the brand makes an active commitment to reducing plastic’s environmental impact.


The idea for WaterFix came about on a ski trip in Colorado. Dana Dreves was absolutely obsessed with everything that was not water - fizz-based drinks, the artificial sweetness of diet sodas, etc. Knowing that this was not a sustainable way of living, Dreves had to shift and attempt to drink more water. During her trip, dehydration took over, and she suddenly had an AHA moment where she thought, “Why isn’t there electrolyte water with amazing flavors-and no calories, no sweeteners, just deliciousness?”

Dreves came into the beverage industry with no prior experience, nor connections with investors or advertising agencies. As she kept pursuing her brand and eventually developing a team, she remained true to her original purpose of creating the brand. “I refused to conform to the conventional ‘sweetener’ norms," she mentions. “WaterFix was to be a game-changer, a beverage moment.” The team’s mission was to go beyond developing just a delicious drink; it was a call to empower women to unleash their awesomeness.

Along the WaterFix journey, Dreves was able to connect with enthusiasts who loved the idea of her product. They were mainly women who were juggling a lot at once - advancing in their careers, home life, volunteering, healthy lifestyles, etc. Incorporating a beverage that was not only healthy, but convenient for them to take on a regular basis would be such a game changer. WaterFix delivered just that. It quickly eliminated that post-work, afternoon fatigue that allowed them to be more productive at work. WaterFix also paved the way for a healthier lifestyle as the delicious taste curbed sweet cravings. It replaced any types of fizzy drink that these women would regularly take. Definitely a game changer! The brand is also committed to making eco-friendly choices by reducing their use in plastic. With every sip, users can be rest-assured that they are playing a part not only in their hydration levels, but also toward creating a greener, healthier future.

Following along the entrepreneurship journey was no easy task, but Dreves and her team were persistent and were adamant about making WaterFix accessible. They continuously listened to customer feedback and created a product that surpasses the mundane electrolyte, flavored drink.


WaterFix comes in a variety of premium flavors. This is what tends to draw returning customers back for more. Some of the unique flavors include the sweet and zing Strawberry Lemonade, sweet and sour Lemon Lime, zesty fusion Lemon Ginger, and more. The most popular flavors are Cherry Peppercorn and Cucumber Lime.

Cherry Peppercorn is a fusion where jubilant means savory. It is the perfect flavor for a “pick me up” throughout the day.

Cucumber Lime is a refreshing concoction where refreshing meets tangy. Think of this flavor as if it were taking a daily dose of a spa. It may not match up to the experience of the cucumbers on your eyes with a facial mask, but a sip will surely give you a sense of relaxation.

WaterFix is also free from ingredients that many electrolyte brands tend to contain. For instance, the brand does not include any sugars or sweeteners, making sure that customers have a clean sip without the unnecessary calories. There are also no GMOs, grains, and gluten, which is great for those with dietary restrictions. The simplicity of WaterFix is great for anyone looking to reach their optimal hydration level.

Here is how you can incorporate WaterFix into your daily routine:

1. Choose your flavor. There are tons of flavors to choose from. You can even pick the one that suits your mood or overall taste preference.

2. For a more refreshing experience, refrigerate the WaterFix bottle before use.

3. Open the bottle by twisting or popping the cap.

4. Utilize your thumb to measure the amount of Enhancer (your thumb will cover about 1/3 of the bottle). Add this amount into 16oz of cold water. Adjust to taste.

5. Enjoy and savor the moment. Whether you’re drinking after a workout or taking a break at work, WaterFix will bring a touch of joy to your day.

6. Once finished, please make sure to recycle the bottle.

If you find yourself loving WaterFix, there is also an option to subscribe. You are able to receive free shipping if you subscribe to 8 or more bottles. For every 10 bottles that you order, you will receive a complimentary bottle in the order. The subscription can also be tailored to your routine with intervals or 1, 2, or 3 months.


Prioritizing hydration and recognizing the importance of electrolytes is crucial for sustained well-being. Ignoring your hydration levels can lead to potential consequences for your health in general and many people do due to busy schedules and many other factors. Luckily, WaterFix is the electrolyte hero. With no added sugar or sweetener, no calories and a variety of flavors, the WaterFix is the top choice for electrolyte intake!


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