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Two Tips to Living a Better Year Ahead

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It is never too late to make changes that can help to rebalance, repair, and promote wellness from within. We have just come into a new year and it is always a refreshing time where we can take heed of our past experiences, learn from them and find a way to grow and become better for what lies ahead of us.

No one knows what the future holds so it’s best to focus on the here and now- this is what is within our control! So, rather than pressing fast forward on your life each day, take time to hit pause so that you can create better habits and health for what comes next.

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Here are two top tips for you!

  • Don’t underestimate your body! We are too often focused on what we cannot do rather than what we can. This means we keep putting things off and finding ways out of the committed work that we need to put in to improve our wellbeing. You should not underestimate yourself or your body. Firstly, as individuals, we are all fashioned with a certain resilience that comes with being human- so embrace it and use it to push forward. Secondly, the human body is incredibly intelligent. At the most basic level, your body will repair and regenerate itself to stay alive and well- but it still needs support from you. Don’t take your body for granted- however strong you feel it may be.

  • To serve and protect! Serve your body with what it needs to protect your health and wellbeing. This means looking at nutrition and how it affects your body. Essentially it is all about balance. Your diet should contain a balance of vitamins and minerals that help to serve and protect your body at a cellular level- it’s not all about how these nutrients can improve your physical appearance. It is about how vitamins and minerals can work together synergistically to bolster your wellbeing from within. If you can support your body well at a fundamental level- then the outer you will benefit as a consequence of all your efforts. Find out more about vitamins and minerals and how they work together and with your body to keep you well- knowledge is power!

We are always on a journey to discovery. The more we find out about ourselves and our body- the stronger we inevitably become! Waiora is committed to helping you rediscover your life through their superior, one-of-a-kind health products. Their products can help you to heal and repair from the toxins and pollutants that daily living imposes on your body, and improve your wellbeing for better days ahead.

Waiora II

“We are the company with an activated, liquid zeolite (THE original liquid zeolite) product that detoxifies the body – removing the toxins and chemicals that we are exposed to every day and have been exposed to for our entire lives. We are the only ones protecting the body through a combination of powerful "germ-fighting" mushrooms”- Waiora

Here’s a closer look at a few of Waiora’s products!

NCD- Natural Cellular Defense

Natural Cellular Defense has 2 versions – NCD & NCD2. The latter provides more of the activated ingredient – zeolite – to aid in detox, cleansing.

The story behind NCD is that your body is under constant attack by invisible killers, namely toxins. They are in the environment, the food we eat, everywhere essentially! They wreak havoc on your body, within it and its fundamental systems- such as immunity and digestion.

You need something to get these toxins out so your body can do what it is supposed to do, and that is to keep you feeling healthy!


Here’s more on NCD 1 and 2!

NCD 1 and NCD 2 is available in single (.5 oz.) bottle and 4-bottle options

With 4 million bottles sold, NCD®, the Original Liquid Zeolite, is the "category creator" for zeolite products used for health and wellness.



The benefits of Natural Cellular Defense include:

  • Supports a healthy immune system.*

  • Helps remove toxins and other detrimental substances from the body.*

  • Helps balance pH levels in the body.*

  • 100 percent natural and non-toxic.*

Using a proprietary “micronization and activation” process, Natural Cellular Defense isn't just a superior product, it is the only zeolite product proven effective. These additional quality measures ensure:

Optimal Particle Size - so that Natural Cellular Defense can be absorbed into your bloodstream.

A Clean Zeolite Cage - natural minerals including zeolite contain other compounds that fill the cage. The manufacturing process of Natural Cellular Defense includes a multi-step process to thoroughly clean the cage.

The Cage has a Maximum Charge - so toxins and other detrimental substances can be drawn to and into and naturally excreted from your body.

“There is no product on the market that helps remove toxins from the body as effectively, or as safely, as Natural Cellular Defense”- Waiora



Living in a world surrounded by germs and toxins, we are constantly trying to stay one step ahead of their effect on our health and wellbeing.

Keeping your immune system in top shape is crucial, especially since prolonged exposure to these invisible invaders can really take its toll on your daily health as well as longer-term wellness.*

Featuring the pure, organic, and patent-protected, IM6 Full Spectrum Immune Complex - widely considered to be the most technologically advanced immune blend for use in dietary supplements on the market today - MegaDefense is a premium, all-natural, daily wellness solution.

Featuring immune-modulating herbs: a blend of six certified organic, non-GMO mushrooms, MegaDefense is a must for anyone looking to help support immune function, and promote optimal health and vitality.*

MegaDefense can help in the following ways:

  • Support NK Cell activity.*

  • Play a role in immune health modulation.*

  • Protect against free radical damage.*

  • Protect cells.*

  • Promote overall health and well-being. *

Pure, organic, and patent-protected, IM6 Full Spectrum Immune Complex is considered to be the most technologically advanced immune blend for use in dietary supplements on the market today.

  • Featuring a combination of more than 200 highly purified, immune-active high molecular heteropolysaccharides and Beta 1,3-1,6 triple right hand helix beta-glucans.

  • IM6 is derived from six closely related organisms-100% USDA certified organic

  • Certified kosher, biotech lab cultivated, full-spectrum, non-GMO Agaricus blazei, Lentinula edodes, Grifola frondosa, Coriolus Versicolor, Ganoderma lucidum, and Cordyceps Sinensis.

MegaDefense is available in a single bottle and 4-bottle Family Packs

Waiora is a company committed to helping you rediscover your life through our superior, one-of-a-kind products.

Waiora prides itself on their nutritionals which are designed to help you support and protect your body's health. From cleansing your body (by removing toxins and other substances) to protecting it (by defending against germs and bacteria) and replenishing it with essential compounds, vitamins, and nutrients- their products embrace the fullness of wellness.

“It's not just about living longer; it's about living a better quality of life. No matter what age you are, you're never too young or too old to begin nourishing your body and preserving it for your future”- Waiora

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


* In partnership with our friends at Waiora * Photo courtesy of Waiora
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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