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Getting all the most necessary nutrients possible is very important for people to keep their health on the right track.  Since electrolytes play such a huge part in certain functions of the body, it is vital that they be fully absorbed, as well as other nutrients too. This is certainly easier said than done. No matter how well someone attempts to eat a healthy diet, there is always that need for something extra to enable one’s body to get everything that it needs.  Supplements in all shapes and sizes are purchased frequently to ensure the body absorbs electrolytes.  The problem is that many people consult items designed to help the body properly absorb nutrients that also have harmful features, such as high amounts of sugar.  While sugar helps the body absorb electrolytes, it also contributes to various health issues.  The challenge people face is taking something that enables their bodies to fully absorb electrolytes and other necessary nutrients that do not also contain harmful ingredients. This challenge can be overcome with multivitamin products from Root’d.  You won’t have to worry about not properly absorbing electrolytes and necessary nutrients, and there will be no concern about unhealthy ingredients.

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Electrolytes, What are They?

Electrolytes are basically minerals that play an important part in the functions of the body.  They include sodium, calcium, and potassium, among a few. When an electrolyte is dissolved into water, it breaks up into particles with electrical charges.  These charges can be either positive or negative.  Electrolytes play a part in the impulses involved in the body’s breathing, heart beating, and mind’s thinking.    Besides these obvious benefits to overall living, there are various other specific reasons why electrolytes are so essential.

Electrolytes Help the Body Maintain Hydration, Period

Dehydration occurs when the body does not have enough fluids.  The human body uses up a lot of electrolytes when participating in various physical activities.  For instance, when the body sweats during exercise, it loses sodium.  Drinking adequate amounts of water daily is essential for good health.  However, it is not enough to ensure that the body stays consistently hydrated.  It takes a replenishment of electrolytes to ensure that the body does not get dehydrated. 

Staying Hydrated after Exercise/Hot Weather

As mentioned, electrolytes are used up and released during strenuous exercise.  Working out at the gym or at home, whether it involves weightlifting or cardio, is going to cause a certain degree of perspiration in the body.  The period right after this is when the body needs replenishment of electrolytes.   Exercising in hot weather will make the body sweat even more than usual.  In fact, the body is in danger of losing too many fluids.  That’s why people are always cautious about staying hydrated during the summer.  Electrolytes are the key to fully hydrating and replenishing the body after finishing up exercise or having been exposed to high temperatures for a large amount of time.  During cold weather, when most people exercise indoors, they tend to lose large amounts of fluids with the heat blasting inside.  It’s almost as if they sweat just as much as being outside in hot weather.

Hydration During Pregnancy

When a woman goes through a pregnancy, it can be hard on their bodies.  Not only do their hormones get out of whack, but there are strenuous effects on many of their bodily functions.  Morning sickness, a common issue among most pregnant women, results in consistent vomiting, sweating, and using the bathroom more than usual.  This results in the pregnant woman losing much water and electrolytes.  They must replenish their bodies.  Unfortunately, this can’t be achieved with the most readily available food.  It takes something special to make sure those powerful electrolytes reenter the body.  The problem is that most of what is available in stores to replenish electrolytes is loaded with sugar and causes additional problems to one’s health.

Senior Living Hydration

Although it differs among various people, when someone becomes a senior citizen, their bodily functions generally don’t operate as efficiently as they once did.  This is very true when it comes to how the body reacts to fluids.  As one gets older, the way the body both absorbs and regulates fluids certainly changes.  In general, senior citizens sometimes have trouble absorbing the right amount of essential nutrients.  This is certainly the case for electrolytes too.  Staying hydrated is a huge priority among older people, especially during the summer months and hot weather. 

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Necessity of Electrolytes with the Keto Diet

Many people have found success in losing weight with the keto diet.  While there are many benefits to this diet, it comes with a price.  Usually, the body experiences a degree of electrolyte deficiency when on the keto diet.  Cutting down on carbohydrates may help one lose weight, but it contributes to the loss of a lot of fluids.  As you would probably assume, people who are on the keto diet benefit from electrolytes by staying hydrated.  However, there are other benefits besides hydration.  The keto flu is linked to an imbalance of electrolytes in the body.  This is associated with one feeling dizzy, weak, or even having bad cramps.  An abundance of electrolytes helps to tackle these symptoms.  When on the keto diet, a person also loses a significant amount of potassium, which is an electrolyte.  The body produces less insulin when potassium levels are low.  Therefore, supplementing with potassium helps with insulin.  In addition, electrolytes help prevent constipation and support the production of energy for keto dieters.  The keto diet is definitely a good way to lose weight.  However, you must keep your body charged with electrolytes.

Why to Avoid Sugar-Filled Electrolyte Drinks

The most common way that people have obtained electrolytes throughout the years is via sugary sports drinks that are readily available at stores.  While it is true that the sugar in these drinks helps the body absorb electrolytes and other nutrients, this sugar causes problems for the body.  It is not recommended to drink these drinks regularly to obtain electrolytes. An overabundance of sugar in one’s diet contributes to the chances of many health problems, such as heart disease, weight gain, and high blood pressure, among a few.  In addition, the irony in drinking these high-sugar electrolyte drinks is that they can actually contribute to further dehydration.  The high amount of sugar in these drinks actually pulls out the fluid in the body.  The best way to obtain lots of needed electrolytes is via powerful multivitamins, but you must know some details about the ingredients.

Taking Multivitamin Powders to Obtain Everything You Need

Taking multivitamins is a very effective way to obtain necessary nutrients, including electrolytes.  However, even the way in which they are consumed can be a factor in how the body absorbs the supplied nutrients.  Vitamin powders have proven to be very successful in providing the body what it needs.  As opposed to capsules, several vitamin powders can combine more nutrients when added to a beverage.  The body digests the multivitamin better this way, giving it all the vitamins and minerals that it needs.  Along with these essential nutrients, it’s good to take a multivitamin in vitamin powder form that has an abundance of electrolytes. 


Root’d was born with this obsession to bring the benefits of new-age nutrition science to their multivitamins while still staying Root’d to the tried and proven.  Adams Chimera, the founder of Root’d, had been struggling with various injuries for a while.  To maintain hydration and overall health, he started using powders and gummy vitamins.  However, he found these items were loaded with lots of sugar.  A true MULTI was the answer to this problem.  It was formed by combining the nutrition content of a multivitamin with the hydration power of electrolytes and then infusing organic superfoods and digestive probiotics.  The supplements from Root’d allow the body to properly absorb electrolytes and other nutrients without the help of so much sugar. 


Her MULTI from Root’d contains a combination of 3x the number of electrolytes of regular sports drinks along with 25 vitamins and minerals that are daily necessities for women.  Mix the tasty Raspberry Acai flavored powder with your drink of choice and start receiving its awesome benefits. It’s an excellent alternative to sugary drinks as a method of absorbing necessary nutrients, especially electrolytes.  Women will experience joy and sensation from staying hydrated and nutritionally charged by consuming Her MULTI.


His MULTI from Root’d has the combination of all the great nutrition of a man’s multivitamin combined with lots of electrolytes for proper hydration. It also contains integrated organic superfoods and digestive probiotics to promote optimal absorption and digestive assistance.  Mix the tasty Orchard Berry-flavored powder with your preferred drink.  Men can feel like a new person with His MULTI.

Fulfill Your Needs with What Your Body Needs

Staying hydrated with electrolytes and keeping the body stacked with needed vitamins and minerals is extremely important.  It should never be neglected.  Without proper hydration, the body cannot function at its fullest potential.  Also, dehydration, due to a loss of electrolytes, is very hazardous to one’s health.   Both men and women must replenish their bodies with lots of electrolytes after exercising and being out in the heat for extended periods of time.  During pregnancy, women must make sure that all the nutrients that leave the body are restored properly.  Staying hydrated is a primary concern among senior citizens who need as many electrolytes as possible.  For the body to properly absorb an adequate number of electrolytes and essential vitamins and minerals, one must consume a specific type of supplement.  It takes something just a little bit more powerful than a capsule or pill.   Multivitamins have proven to be extremely effective in powder form.  Root’d has Her MULTI and His MULTI that are fully absorbed by the body after consumption, allowing 3x more electrolytes than any sugary sports drink as well as tons of vitamins and minerals.  They also carry Prenatal MULTI.  If you’ve been missing out on what your body has been missing, it’s time to hop on board.  Stay hydrated and replenished for a brand-new healthy you!!!


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