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Nature’s Best Skincare Remedies

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Your skin is the largest organ in your body; it is also one of the fastest or most effective at regenerating itself. Since ancient times, skincare has been at the heart of beauty and looking good. This includes anti-aging and making the most of your complexion- whether you have dry, oily, sensitive, or combination skin.




Put simply, if your skin isn’t looking or feeling right, then it is highly likely to impact the way you look and feel about yourself. There is a wealth of information nowadays on how to best take care of your skin, alongside this, there is also a large market of skincare products to help you. But what is the best to use? What are the actual facts when it comes to skincare, and potentially what works and what doesn’t?

So, let’s begin with some facts! As highlighted above, your skin is the largest organ of the body and regenerates itself every 28 days or so. This is great because it means that any efforts you make to improve your skincare should show results from the remedy fairly quickly (generally 4-6 weeks). Here are a few more points to consider:

  • Moisturizing your skin helps to protect it- no doubt. Your skin has natural oils that can be depleted through a number of factors. Once your skin begins to lose its natural moisture, it becomes weaker and more prone to the signs of aging for instance. The area around your eyes is delicate and is often the first area where signs of aging will show, perhaps as “crow’s feet” and fine lines around your eyes.

  • A lack of sleep impacts your skin. This is where the term “beauty sleep” originates from. Sleep helps to bring the body back into hormonal balance. Have you ever noticed how losing sleep makes your skin look dull and dreary? Do you notice that times of stress may cause breakouts? Hormonal balance helps to protect your body and your skin.

  • Smoking, even second-hand smoke can really impact the appearance and feel of your skin. Smoking depletes the body of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a major player when it comes to collagen production and maintaining youthful-looking skin!

These are just a few points to remember. There are many more! We all want to maintain a youthful look; skincare remedies can help us on that journey. Skincare products are plenty, however, choosing a few simple remedies that are natural at the core can really help toward better-looking skin.

There is no way of knowing exactly how much damage chemical-based products are affecting your skin and your body also. It is always far wiser to opt for natural remedies that work well with the biology of your body. Trusted Health is a company that consciously works to improve your health, beauty and wellness- naturally! 

Trusted Health Products' purpose is to create and produce pure, effective products made only from ingredients that are found in nature, and that work in harmony with the body. They believe nature provides the best answer for healthier and longer lives.

As part of their wide array of wellness and oral care products, Earth & Elm Face and Body Oil Combination package aims to improve the look and feel of your skin.

The combination of Trusted Health Products face and Body Oil brings the skincare products you love together as a mighty and effective duo!


Earth & Elm Face & Body Oil Combo

Earth & Elm is for the health-conscious person seeking a chemical-free skincare solution. 

Trusted Health Products face and body oils are derived from nature in their purest form and work in harmony with your body for optimal skin care and appearance. Earth and Elm contains no fillers- just potent & pure ingredients.

“Our face oil, made from an infusion of nine different organic essential and botanical oils, is flawlessly balanced for the skin on our face. Made from a base of uniquely and diligently sourced Organic Sweet Almond Oil, this product starts strong. The use of blended Organic Citrus Peel Oils helps activate the skin's innate healing mechanism”- Trusted Health Products

This remarkably lightweight oil sinks gracefully into the skin, providing the ideal equilibrium of healing and support for glowing, silky, radiant skin.

“A pleasant citrus smell that dissipates; oil is easy to use and has good coverage from only a few drops. It seems to absorb well and stays with you...very nice”- verified customer review

This body oil will nourish and soften your skin with a refreshing blend of 100% organic botanical and essential oils. It is made from a base of uniquely and diligently sourced Organic Sweet Orange Oil and Sweet Almond Oil, this product is filled with vitamins and nutrients at its core! The use of blended Organic Citrus Peel Oils and other essential oils helps activate the skin's innate healing mechanism.


Here’s a look at the amazing blend of ingredients in this product duo!

Earth & Elm Nourishing Face Oil

  • Organic Cold Pressed Sweet Virgin Almond Oil

  • Organic Cold Pressed Sweet Orange Oil

  • Organic Cold Pressed Lemon Oil

  • Organic Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Avocado Oil

A Proprietary blend of:

  • Organic Apricot Kernel Oil

  • Organic Frankincense Oil

  • Organic Evening Primrose Oil

  • Organic Geranium Oil

  • Organic Ylang Ylang oil


Earth & Elm Nourishing Body Oil

  • Organic Cold Pressed Sweet Orange Oil

  • Organic Cold Pressed Sweet Virgin Almond Oil

  • Organic Cold Pressed Lemon Oil

A proprietary blend of: 

  • Organic Lime Oil

  • Organic Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Avocado Oil

  • Organic Tea Tree Oil

  • Organic Lavender Oil

  • Organic Ylang Ylang Oil

  • Organic Frankincense Oil


How to use Earth & Elm Face & Body Oil Combo


Earth & Elm Nourishing Face Oil

Gently apply 2-4 drops of product to your face and decolletage in a circular motion. Your skin will require more drops initially. For the best results, use twice a day: morning and evening.



Within the first 30 days, some people may experience a brief blemish breakout.  This typically lasts from 1-2 days, possibly up to a week.  If a breakout does occur, this is a sign that your skin will be ridding itself of toxins that have built up over time. 

“Our botanical oils help to gently and naturally remove toxins and build-up that have accumulated from use of chemical-laden skincare and cosmetic products. It's important not to get discouraged during this brief detoxifying period because once it ends, your skin will emerge with a more beautiful and radiant appearance!”- Trusted Health Products


Earth & Elm Nourishing Body Oil

This nourishing body oil should be lightly and gently spread over the entire body from the neck down. Your skin may require more initially- this depends on the condition of your skin. You should apply more often to dry or hard tissue areas. It is best to use right after a shower, however, this amazing, hydrating oil is suitable for use anytime!



“Our formulation technology, Bioelectric Mapping®, developed from over four decades of research embraces the biodynamic electric activity generated by your body. We have observed previously unrecognized nutrient interactions and related processes within the body. Armed with this information we can accurately track nutrient conversions. This enables us to correctly source pure ingredients with the specific properties, ratios and combinations that effectively match the body’s nutritional needs both inside and out. This gives the body the optimal nutrition it needs to function at peak performance”- Trusted Health Products


* In partnership with our friends at Trusted Health Products Photo courtesy of Trusted Health Products
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