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Nature in a Jar: The Goodness of Botanicals

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It’s an incredible natural world that we live in, and the beauty, aromas, sounds, and tastes of our natural world can induce an almost meditative state. After all, we are natural beings, and our bodies and minds crave to be united with the senses of nature. Yet in today’s modern world, it’s not as easy to appreciate nature as it once was. We live in cities, work behind screens, and most of what we eat and drink comes processed from the grocery store.

Even when we do get to step out into nature and smell the green leaves of spring or the changing colors of fall, we’re only exposing ourselves to a small fraction of what this massive planet has to offer. And our bodies get familiar with it—the smell of spring in a nearby forest, the sound of a rushing waterfall down the road, and the beautiful senses of a beach vacation every summer.

But what if there was a way we could immerse our bodies even deeper into the senses of nature? And not just a walk in the woods, but how about smelling the aromas from the Amazon rainforest or East African grasslands? Or the delicious taste of fresh berries or the smell of the sea that we can enjoy year-round?

Healthy Gut Tea Blend

Now, we probably don’t have to say this, but having the riches of nature in your life can do wonders for the body, mind, and soul. To put it in simple terms, nature is almost always going to be a boost for your health!

Not only are our bodies and minds naturally wired to be calmed by certain senses from the natural world, but the interior workings of our body also rely on much of the goodness of nature to keep our energy flowing. There are thousands, literally thousands, of natural compounds such as vitamins, minerals, and proteins that our body uses every second to keep our heart beating, bones growing, and muscles moving. And our bodies just can’t make this out of nothing; everything our bodies use must come from the world around us.

And that’s why, living in today’s world where we’re usually further removed from nature than ever before, it’s incredibly important to find ways to keep the powers of nature in our lives. But what can we do from our couch, sitting at home?

We introduce you to the magical and natural world of botanicals! The best of nature, packed into little jars and delivered right to your home.

Javara Botanicals: Nature Delivered Right to Your Doorstep!

Javara Botanicals seeks to harness the power of nature by taking some of nature’s best nutrients, aromas, and tastes from around the world and bringing them right to you, wherever you might be. With some of nature’s best now right at your fingertips, you’ll be left feeling healthier, fresher, stronger, more energetic, and more confident every day.

Healthy Gut Tea Blend

And we’re not talking about supplements or some other so-called “magic bullet” solution. Javara Botanicals offers you the best products straight from nature, from herbs to teas to sea moss to fruit syrups. Not just anything, of course, but the best, carefully selected plants, herbs, and fruits from all over the world. All suppliers are carefully vetted to ensure that you’re only getting the absolute best.

As the old saying goes, we are what we eat! What we consume and what we have around us that we take in through our ears, eyes, hands, and noses is what shapes our mood and energy. By consuming and surrounding yourself with high-quality, natural products, you will bring your body into a healthier and more vibrant state, truer to human nature as we are meant to be.

Healthy Gut Tea Blend: A Smell and Taste of Fresh Nature for a Cold Winter Day!

Think of all those cold winter days when you’re huddled up in a blanket by the fire and just wishing you could relax to the summer smells of fresh leaves and berries. Now just imagine yourself transported from your sofa to a tropical island and immersed in the smells of fresh plants and flowers like dandelion and mint.

Of course, we can’t actually teleport across the world, but Javara Botanicals can bring some of these smells and tastes to you in the form of their incredible herbal tea blend!

Javara’s Healthy Gut Tea Blend is one of Javara Botanicals’ newest products, and strives to deliver some of the best scents of nature to your teapot.

Beyond just its sensory charms, the herbs and flowers in the tea blend have been known for centuries to sooth your digestive track and clear your body of toxins. And when your digestion is working as it should, your metabolism will pick up, and the energy will flow like never before!

The herbs and flowers in the Healthy Gut Tea Blend are carefully picked and delivered in their purest forms. Nothing is processed, extracted, or even ground. Yep, this isn’t some magical concoction made from extracts and concentrates; it’s just flowers, plants, and herbs, no different from what you’d find on a walk through the fields.

The herbs and flowers that go into this phenomenal tea blend include burdock root, cascara sagrada, dandelion leaf, dandelion root, fennel, ginger, licorice root, mint, psyllium husk, slippery elm, and turmeric.

So treat yourself on a cold winter's day to a freshly brewed mug of tea with aromas and tastes that will transport your mind and body back into a warm and pleasant natural world! Then, let the superpower herbs work their magic in your body and feel yourself coming back to life with energy.

Elderberry Syrup: A Cough Syrup, Made for You By Nature

Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry Syrup

Most of us will quickly roll our eyes when we think of cough syrup. Yeah, we get it too. Most generic cough syrups don’t taste great, don’t do us much good, and are filled with tons of chemicals and additives that can be harmful to your body in the long term and even in the short term if not used properly. And it’s certainly a good thing to stay away from; if you value leading a pure and natural life, you definitely want to avoid pharmaceuticals with long ingredient names you can’t even pronounce!

But cough syrups have been around much longer than when we started to add pseudoephedrine and phenylephrine to them in the 20th century! For as long as humans have had colds and the flu, we’ve been harvesting nature to find the most soothing throat treatments from the plants, juices, and herbs around us. If you’re as weirded out by the ingredient lists of modern pharmaceuticals as we are, it’s time to take a step back in time and let nature do the job that it’s supposed to!

Javara Botanicals’ Elderberry Syrup is a natural syrup made to relieve symptoms of the cold and flu, and give your immune system a boost to fight the germs. Just like cough syrup, but we won’t use that word anymore. And you probably won’t either now that you know about Elderberry Syrup!

The key ingredient in this syrup is the juice from elderberries, which are packed with immune-boosting vitamins and antioxidants. The second key ingredient, sea moss, is known for its alkaline properties and contains 92 essential minerals that boost the immune system and aid metabolism. Other ingredients that are mixed together to create this potent natural syrup include honey, cinnamon, mullein leaf, and astragalus root.

If you value your body’s natural synergy with nature and want to make sure that natural herbs, flowers, and juices maintain their prime spot in what you consume, then we definitely recommend investing in the purest of natural botanicals that are Javara Botanicals. Why not instead explore nature’s alternative?

Pure natural botanicals are truly the jack-of-all-trades of nature. Packing so much of nature’s goodness and power into a little jar, botanicals provide so many potential health improvements when used as part of a natural and healthy lifestyle. The plants and herbs that Javara Botanicals packs into their little jars are ones that have been used for centuries for their health benefits. So, it’s time to think about what’s best for your body and ingest more of the fruits of nature to help. Your body, mind, and soul will thank you!


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