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Living With Diabetes: The Easier Way!

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There’s really no other way to put it; living with diabetes can be tough. And the unfortunate reality is that it usually is for most of us. No matter how many times your doctor or the internet claims that diabetes is a “manageable” condition, that just never seems to feel like the reality for many of us who suffer from it.

And maybe from a doctor’s point of view, it is manageable. Thanks to numerous advances in modern medicine and technology, one can live a long and otherwise healthy life as a diabetic. If managed correctly, you shouldn’t ever need to be hospitalized or encounter a medical emergency. But the asterisk on that is that is there: if managed correctly.

Sure – for a medical professional, diabetes is a very manageable condition. The drugs and medical devices needed to manage it do exist and are readily available (though often pricey), and have an effectiveness rate bordering on 100%. But just as they say about computers, smartphones, and other technology, medical technology is only as smart as the user. And if you’re a diabetic, that user is normally going to be you! So, while you’re doctor can say over and over again that your insulin pump is 99.9% effective in maintain your blood sugar at a healthy level, he’s not going to be the one operating this pump, so his words will only ring true if you use it as instructed.

And regularly! Not only are diabetes supplies a bit complicated for your average non-medically trained layman to get one’s head around and use correctly each and every time, but they’re also something you need to be using all the time, everywhere you go. I know, we’re probably sounding like a broken record here, but we’re saying this because we sure know how real the struggle can be. It’s just like any other routine in life. If you’ve had a later onset of diabetes and are just getting the hang of using your equipment, then the routine is new so you’re unlikely to forget about it; but you’re more likely to make a small mistake like not reading your glucometer correctly or forgetting to properly pack the insulin capsules. Insulin does not come in a capsule. Only available with a syringe or nasal. Most use an insulin pen or insulin vial with a syringe.

Or if you’ve been living with diabetes for years and you have the routine memorized to the point where you can literally do it in your sleep, it’s at this point that many of us start getting a bit lazy. Maybe you missed one jab of insulin a few days ago and were just fine, so what can be the harm in missing another? Of course, if this is you, then you probably know very well what the answer to that question is. And this time we won’t be a broken record and repeat it. But the fact of the matter is that once something has become a routine for a long time, us humans have a tendency to start slacking off a bit, especially when something gets in the way of the ‘ordinary’ routine we’ve become used to.

Maybe your favorite band is in town, your friend managed to snag some coveted floor seats, so there’s just no way you’re not going. Will you remember to reach into that little black bag when the band’s running out for their encore? Or maybe you’re going to Florida for a week for a family reunion. You’ve probably got your routine of packing equipment down to the wire every morning, but when you need to pack for a week, that might be a bit trickier. Especially when you need to balance that packing with the ordinary stress of packing for a week’s vacation! And then once you get to Florida, is your muscle memory going to work like normal when you’re with new people, in a new place, on a new schedule, and trying to relax of course?

Studies have shown that the vast majority of diabetes-related hospitalizations among patients with medically-managed cases of diabetes in the US could be easily prevented with proper, consistent management. But of course, as we’ve said this is far easier said than done.

Whether you think you’re perfect or if you’re really struggling to consistently manage diabetes, we think there’s ways you can make things easier for yourself. Hope isn’t lost – hear us out!

The Diabetes Routine: An Inconvenient Problem with a Convenient Solution

 The drawback to what are otherwise incredibly advanced and powerful tools for diabetes management is that all these things like insulin pumps, needles, and glucometers aren’t exactly convenient to use and bring with us everywhere we go. With how fragile much of this equipment is, it’s usually ill advised to pack everything in a regular daypack, leading to frequent awkward packing situations where you need to sling the diabetic bag awkwardly over your shoulder while also carrying a backpack on your back or a purse over your other shoulder. Not to mention that another thing to carry is just another thing to potentially lose!

This is exactly what Carolyn Jäger was worried about when she was first diagnosed with diabetes back in 1989. Just a teenager at the time, she knew that she wouldn’t be perfect and needed a simple way to go to school with everything she needed to manage her diabetes throughout the day, along with everything else for school, of course. So, she made her very first custom diabetes supply case.  Then in her twenties, Carolyn launched Sugar Medical in 2009 creating a full line of diabetes carrying cases and medical device covers in fun fashionable prints and colors. The brand now ships worldwide and is the largest diabetes accessory maker in the world. 

The Diabetes Insulated Travel Bag is truly a one-of-its-kind bag that will make your life of going places with diabetic supplies a whole lot easier. The bag is a two-layered travel bag with a fabric divider between them, and comes with a removable zipper pouch in case you need to leave your bag somewhere but still don’t want to forget your insulin pen and vials.

The top layer of the bag is an organization marvel, complete with zippered mesh pockets for your glucose meter and lancing device, smaller pen-sized pockets for insulin pens, loops for vials, an ID cardholder, and a few adjustable straps to keep other equipment from bouncing around. And below the thick fabric divider keeping your delicate medical equipment safe, you’ve got a spacious 11.13’’ x 8.25’’ storage compartment perfect for stashing any other supplies you need, or just whatever you’re bringing with you for your weekend getaway.

What’s more, the Diabetes Insulated Travel Bag is fully thermal insulated, meaning that your vials will stay cool if you pack them properly. You can even order it with a custom-fit ice pack, guaranteed to keep the important parts of the bag at the right temperature! And for those looking to add a bit of style, the travel bag is available in 5 colors: black, purple, digital camo, pink llama, and blue floral.

A one-size-fits-all travel bag like this can be an excellent solution for all your travel needs, but what if you already have a great backpack or travel bag that you love and don’t want to part with, and just need something small to protect your medical supplies as you go? Forget about those awkward, clumsy, black medical bags that diabetic equipment usually comes in, there are far better solutions out there. If this is what you’re looking for, look no further than Sugar Medical’s Insulated Diabetes Organizer.

This small bag, just 7.75 inches long (so just bigger than your average hand) makes it not only incredibly easy to organize your diabetic supplies, but easy to take with you anywhere you go. The inside is complete with zippered mesh pockets for loose supplies, a pen pouch that can store up to 4 insulin pens without them wobbling, loops for vials, and a separate pouch for anything that might have to be kept separate.

And the bag is fully insulated with a thick, insulated cover layer that will keep your insulin cool and protected, whether you carry the case in your regular backpack or carry it separately.

No matter what you chose or how you implement it into your routine, it’s vitally important that you carry your diabetic equipment and medications somewhere that’s organized, convenient, and easy to use. And most “normal” medical carry cases sure aren’t, so before you put your health at risk by making a little mistake, invest in something you can trust!


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