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It takes more than one to get it done

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It’s the fourth quarter. Ten seconds are left on the clock—she steps forward, ball in hand. The score is tied, and the stakes are high. It’s the championship game… all roads have led to this moment.

She begins to dribble the ball down the court. Sweat streams from her face to the floor. Her hands synchronize with her feet as she moves forward.  Five opposing team members are set on stopping her path to victory. They will not give up the championship lightly. Determined, they move into position to block her advance.

Fortunately, our hero is not alone. Her four teammates fly down the court and take their positions, and she sees her opening. The pass is launched, caught, and volleyed to the next player. She races downcourt, and the ball is passed back to her… she is in a perfect position… the ball leaves her hand… it arches up and over the opponent's head… and then…

Now, imagine for a second that our hero had been in a different situation.

She moved downcourt to make her dreams a reality, and something unusual happened. As she positions herself closer to the basket, she realizes that her teammates have decided to take a break.


Yes, they are on the sidelines, drinking water and talking about real housewives. They don’t seem to notice her. They don’t see the crowd or the clock or appear to feel the pressure. She is all alone, trying to perform an overwhelming task. A job that truly needs more than one person. It requires teamwork, and of course, for that, there must be a team.

This little basketball allegory should help to cement in your mind that most tasks of any importance require more than one component, person, or ingredient. More often than not, you will need a harmony of ingredients or individuals for the best result in anything.

This resonates throughout any industry. Manufacturing, building, sports, finance, and even personal care. Everything working together - and how it should - makes every outcome better.

Most personal care products, such as soaps and lotions, enjoy boasting about using this or that moisturizer. They seem proud that they’ve incorporated one beneficial ingredient to improve your skin. However, many helpful ingredients can be combined to create luxurious care for your skin.

Let’s dive in and talk about four types of natural butter that are now available. There is also a great small business incorporating all of them. These butters can combine and change the look and feel of your skin and your perception of what soap can be.

The many butters for better skincare.

A butter from a non-dairy source is created, similar to the butter you may put on your toast. Oils are extracted from the seeds of fruit or nuts. That oil is then whipped until it creates a butter consistency.

These natural butters have many uses. They can be used in skincare, cosmetics, and even hair treatments. Here are four valuable butters with phenomenal benefits for your skin. You may have heard of or used a few. And a few may be new to you.

Shea Butter

This is common in many personal care products, from lotions and soaps to shampoos. Shea butter is created from the nuts of the shea tree. This tree is found in 19 African countries and plays an integral part in the lives of the communities where it’s found.

Shea butter is probably well known to you. The harvesting and use of shea butter for skin and hair creams dates back to the 14th century. Yes, early on, its amazing properties were recognized.

It’s loaded with fatty acid content. Shea butter is also rich in vitamins A and E and is well-known for its antioxidant, healing, and skin-enhancing qualities.

These traits make it a potent moisturizer that restores lipids and helps to create a protective barrier on the skin. Other properties include:

  • Safe for all skin types

  • Anti-inflammatory benefits

  • Non-greasy, absorbs easily

This natural emollient nourishes deeply while soothing and protecting the skin—no wonder it’s been used for more than 700 years.

Cocoa butter

You may recognize cocoa from its essential use in chocolate manufacturing. However, the seeds from the cocoa beans produce a fantastic butter that is not only used in making confections but is also great for your skin.

Cocoa butter is high in vitamins A, C, and E. These powerful antioxidants heal and soothe dry skin. The potent combination of vitamins protects the skin from aging and environmental damage.

This non-comedogenic butter will not clog your pores, making it great for all skin types. Cocoa butter has a mild, pleasant scent that nearly everyone enjoys.

So, there are two butters you’re probably familiar with. Here are two more that you may not have heard of. Although they are a little less known, they are as potent as cocoa and shea butter.

Kokum butter

 This is a tropical oil squeezed from the seeds of the kokum tree. It’s primarily grown in India, and its fruit has been used for centuries in Indian cuisine and is a staple in indigenous diets.

The butter derived from the seeds has been harvested as long as the fruit has been eaten. It’s highly valued for its light texture making it easily absorbed into the skin.

Kokum butter is rich in fatty acids, which makes it quite valuable in skincare; these include stearic, oleic, and linoleic acids. It’s main benefits for the skin are:

  • Moisturizing – Restores moisture to dry skin, lips, feet, hair, and scalp.

  • Anti-inflammatory – Heals and protects the skin

  • Improve skin elasticity

  • Softens and soothes

This natural skin-loving ingredient is worthy of a place in your personal care routine. Our next butter comes from a fruit you’ve undoubtedly heard of; however, did you know that this fruit can make a remarkable skincare ingredient?

Mango butter

This much-loved fruit produces a wonderful butter from its seeds. It is rich in vitamins and moisturizes dry skin. Mango butter is chock-full of essential fatty acids. It is also loaded with antioxidants, and vitamins A, C, and E.  That means nearly everything about mango butter is good for your skin.

Like the other butters mentioned above, mango butter is non-comedogenic, meaning it will not clog your pores. This makes mango butter suitable for all skin types. With all these excellent properties you can be sure that mango butter will:

  • Soften and soothe your dry skin

  • Promote skin health

  • Provide long-lasting, deep hydration

So, there are four butters for better skin health. If you find one product that uses one of them, that would be pretty consistent with most manufacturers of personal care products. They find one good ingredient, and they stop there.

However, a small husband-and-wife company incorporates all four butters into their soaps. Sure, they could opt for just one butter in their soap, but that wouldn’t make their soap much different than others.

Their company, Tim and Lids Essentials, is committed to making the finest, richest soap they can. They’ve determined that a quad-butter approach produces the best result. It takes all four, shea, kokum, mango, and cocoa, working together to produce a soap that leaves your skin feeling like no other.

Their rich, luxurious soaps will have you ordering more once you try them. One of the most popular they offer:

Honey Spiced Pear

Clean, nourish, and refresh your skin with this delightfully fragrant and decadent quad butter soap.

The four butters combine with the scent of hand-picked pears, sugar crystals, nutmeg, and cinnamon, giving you a luxurious bathing experience.

After you experience the soothing power of the kinds of butter on your skin, the unique scent, and the luxurious feeling you're left with, you’ll know what a true artisan soap should be like.

And if you want to revitalize your skin while nourishing it with this great soap, consider:

Sisal Fiber Back Scrubber

Clean, refresh, and exfoliate with this 100% pure sisal fabric scrubber.

This scrubber is 33 ½ inches long and will easily deep clean your entire back. It’s double-sided and has sturdy cotton handles that provide a secure grip.

Perfect for men and women, and an excellent addition to your order of butter-rich artisan soap.

Click on one of the links above and check out all Tim and Lids’ products. This is a company that doesn’t cut corners in their all-natural products.

Order one of their fine soaps and experience the luxury of four different butters working together as a team to give you amazing skin.


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