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Josie winced at the thought of taking another drink of water. Just the idea of something touching her throat brought a shiver to her spine. It felt like she was swallowing razor blades. 

Yet she knew that she must drink something. Hydration is key… right? 

So, with great reluctance and closing her eyes, Josie puts the glass of water to her lips and throws back her head. The cool water that would usually be welcomed sets her throat ablaze. Josie painfully chokes down a large mouthful.

It might as well have been broken glass she was drinking. Fresh pain fires up at the top of her throat and then slowly subsides as the water makes its way down.

Josie sits down and rests… she is perplexed and has received few answers from her doctor. “You’re just prone to getting sore throats,” or “It’s just drainage from allergies.” She has heard these things time and time again. And here she is with her third sore throat in six weeks. No other symptoms accompany these sore throats, she doesn’t get a fever, and she’s not weak or tired,

There has to be something that can help. Some answer, something that is missing in Josie’s routine. How can she have a chronic sore throat? What does that even mean?

What are her options? 

Across town, Dale is getting ready for work, but he feels terrible. For three days, he has been fighting sinus congestion, and it’s about to drive him crazy. It’s like someone shoved wads of paper up his nose, and the drainage is getting out of hand.

Dale has tried over-the-counter meds. But it seems like that is just slapping a band-aid on a gaping wound. He gets a few hours of relief, and then the congestion returns. The stifling choking congestion seems to have no end.

He doesn’t have allergies (he’s been tested) and hasn’t been exposed to anyone sick. Yet here he is, struggling to breathe in through his nose. He goes about his day with his mouth half-open like the walking dead, just to breathe in and out. 

Dale has also seen plenty of doctors, all to no avail. This congestion repeatedly happens, with no plausible answer being provided. And indeed, no remedy is being offered.

Meanwhile, in a small town not far from Dale, a young woman has resolved to fix her upper respiratory problems.

Maria used to suffer significantly from drainage issues, sore throats, stale breath, and a perpetual lousy taste in her mouth. She has been trying something different this time around. 

For the last week, she has been taking a product designed to fix these problems at the source. And it seems to be working. For the first time in years, she is confident that this winter season will not be agonizing. 

She has taken control of her upper respiratory health. She has begun supporting the colony of helpers that we all have within us. Taking care of her body and all its essential parts seems to be turning the tide in her favor.

Your ear, nose, and throat health.

Maria, Josie, and Dale all have the same problem. Although their symptoms may present differently, the three of them are having issues within the ENT (ear, nose, and throat) system.

Your ears, nose, and throat, along with your oral cavity are all interconnected through pathways and mucous membranes. There is a vital role played by this area of your body. What affects one place is likely to affect another.

This area of your body is often the first line of defense against harmful pathogens. That is why many common problems exist within the ENT and oral region. 31 million people a year suffer from sinus infections alone, not to mention other issues, including:

Tonsillitis – The most common cause of inflammation in the throat is tonsillitis. Bacterial infections cause tonsillitis, and it is widespread in children. A few signs that might point to this are sore throat, swollen tonsils, issues swallowing, white or yellow coating on the tonsils, swollen neck glands, and bad breath. Often tonsils are removed if a person suffers from chronic tonsillitis.

Ear infections – cold and flu viruses are often the cause of pain in the ears. Some more common symptoms are ear pain, fever, irritation, and trouble sleeping.

Sinus infections – As stated earlier, ear infections affect about 31 million people a year in the U.S. alone. This infection is similar to a cold in its presentation, although it is caused by bacteria instead of viruses. The most common symptoms of this infection include headache, postnasal drip, discolored nasal discharge, coughing, fever, congestion, and bad breath.

Allergies – 50 million people in the U.S. suffer from allergies, making it one of the most common ENT issues. Individuals can be allergic to various environmental sources, including pollen, mold, dust, and pets. This reaction can trigger multiple symptoms: coughing, runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, headache, and fever.


Getting to the source of the problem.

A little-known thing about the ENT system is just how crucial a role the oral cavity plays in its overall health. Just like the gut and the surface of your skin, your oral cavity has a “microbiome” or colony of healthy bacteria essential to your health.

The oral microbiome is second in size of microbiomes only to your gut. Surely you have heard about the need to maintain a healthy colony of bacteria in your digestive system. Probiotics, and prebiotics , seem to be all the rage in the health community, and for a good reason.

Microbes colonize the teeth and the mucous membranes within the mouth. Your oral microbiome is no different and harbors over 700 species of bacteria. It nurtures microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, viruses, and protozoa. 

This colony of microbes is crucial as the starting point of digestion. It is also essential in maintaining oral and systemic health.

Nasty viruses and bacteria are free to roam and develop throughout the mouth and the ENT system without a healthy microbiome. Think of these beneficial microorganisms as the defenders of a castle, standing guard along the wall, ensuring nothing treacherous gets in.


Are you helping or hurting the oral microbiome?

A recent study found that using one week of mouthwash alters the oral microbiome. It lowers the saliva PH - creating an acidic environment - increasing the risk of tooth decay. 

There are other things to avoid while considering your oral and ENT health. The following have been shown to create an imbalance and lead to many problems.

Smoking tobacco, poor oral hygiene, and poor diets with sugary or acidic foods can all cause the oral microbiome to be less effective at its critical role.

But what about helping to promote a healthy microbiome? One that is strong and performs its job well. This list is not comprehensive, yet they are good steps in the right direction for maintaining your overall health.

Microbiome-supporting foods – Eating a healthy diet should be number one on your list of things to improve every aspect of your life, not just your oral and ENT health. A healthy diet will consist of alkalizing (high PH) anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich foods. High-quality meats, organic fruits and vegetables, and fermented foods and drinks should form the foundation of your dietary habit. One of the ways these foods promote health is by ensuring that your saliva is rich with essential nutrients and microorganisms.

Antimicrobials – Quit using astringent microbe-killing oral care products like antibacterial mouthwash and detergent-based toothpaste. On the surface, it may seem like a good idea to use antimicrobial products; however, as stated earlier, it has been shown to reduce your natural defenses.

Use oral probiotics – A daily oral probiotic routine can help support a healthy microbiome. Researchers have found that these targeted supplements can stop disease-causing pathogens.

Reduce your stress levels – Excessive stress can cause many issues, including not-so-positive actions on your oral microbiome. These include grinding your teeth and reducing the amount of saliva you produce.

Stay active – Set aside 15 minutes a day for high-intensity exercise. Active movement increases blood circulation, which is vital to boosting oral and overall health.

These things are all easily done. They are little daily actions that can significantly impact oral and ENT health. Within the realm of taking a daily oral probiotic, one company has made this their mission and passion.

Herobiotics - Oral + ENT Probiotic Supplement

Developed with five active strains of probiotics for optimal health.




If you want to boost your oral and ENT health – follow the advice above and consider this great product designed to promote a thriving, healthy oral microbiome.

With just one mint-like tablet, you will receive 6 billion CFU of fast-acting dental probiotics.

These probiotics fight stale breath and other oral issues by getting down to the root of the problem, unlike gum, mouthwash, or breath spray. 

Rennie had this to say about these wonderful mints – 

There is nothing I dislike about the product. Who knew it was a dental probiotic? After wearing a mask for the majority of the. You get tired of smelling your own breath. This was the perfect time to try it. This way it gives you a chance to smell what other people could smell without the masks. It’s fast acting balancing the breath and health. You will notice the change of your saliva. It will taste different and much better.

A healthy oral microbiome is so much more than fresh breath. It can lead to a healthier ENT system and reduced ENT issues, just like NetJunkie explains in this review –

For a while now I would get a sore throat off and on, and I also had an itchy throat, which caused me to cough a lot more than normal and the coughing caused my throat to hurt. Just a vicious cycle. So I decided to try these to see if they would help and it did, within 2 days my coughing and itchy throat subsided. Been taking for 2 weeks and no sore throat. Also, no stomach issues.

It’s incredible what a simple thing like one probiotic mint after brushing can do for your overall health. It starts in the mouth and spreads to the rest of the ENT and gut area. 

Herobiotics are not some fly-by-night company, they are committed to providing a safe, and effective means to care for your oral and ENT health. Their product contains no GMOs, sugar, gluten, stevia, and any other unnecessary ingredients. Use this product daily and see the results for yourself.

Their attention to quality and effectiveness has led them to receive over 350 5-star reviews… and counting.

There is no way to say it better than this review from Keyla-

Wow. Works in 24 hours. My running nose completely stops. My breathing improves 100%. My digestion improves 100% as well. Wow wow wow. Thank you bacteria.

As you look for ways to brace yourself against the cold and flu season ahead, consider your options, and consider your overall oral and ENT health. 

This is your first line of defense.

So give it all the help you can, and feel the difference.

* In partnership with our friends at Herobiotics * Photo courtesy of Herobiotics 
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