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Jessica wasn't sure what to do. She stayed in shape, watched her diet, and worked out regularly. This didn't seem to be helping her problem.
She constantly felt tired and sluggish, and her morning coffee barely got her out the door, let alone get her through the day. After her lunch hour, she increasingly turned to energy drinks to carry her through.

And she knew that even the zero-sugar energy drinks were terrible for her. She would read the ingredient list and realize that if someone of her intelligence was having trouble pronouncing the ingredients … then maybe it wasn't the best for her.

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It was hard for her to understand what was going on. She was so groggy and sluggish. Jessica slept well. Her diet was mainly vegetarian, with very little lean protein from time to time. All very healthy… right?

So, overall, there was no rational explanation for how she felt day in and day out. She couldn't explain it. Then, one day, while working out, Jessica's friend told her that she had been experiencing the same problem. With no reasonable explanation for her loss of energy and mental alertness.

Jessica's friend explained that she began taking a high-quality supplement of B12. And this had made all the difference. Jessica had undoubtedly heard of B12, but when she got home, she began researching its functions. And why it's so important.

B12 and why we need it.

The food we eat fuels our bodies. However, our food needs a critical nutrient to turn all those proteins and carbs into energy. That nutrient is vitamin B12; this vitamin is not made naturally in the body as some others are. So, we must take in the right amount from outside sources.

It is estimated that up to 20% of the population aged 60 and older are low or borderline deficient in this necessary nutrient. But what is vitamin B12, and what does it do for our body exactly?

Vitamin B12 performs an essential role in the formation of red blood cells and cellular metabolism. It is also critical for nerve function and DNA production, allowing our cells to replicate.

For example, Methylcobalamin – An active form of B12 that is essential in nerve function. This is the most important form of B12, as it’s more readily absorbed by the body than other forms.

So, vitamin B12 is essential for our body to function and perform at peak levels. However, what does it look like when you are not getting enough B12, and where do you find it?

You may feel no symptoms with only a mild deficiency of this vitamin. You could present with any of the following as the lack of B12 advances to a more moderate level.

  • Lack of energy, Feeling faint, Pallor

  • Anemia, Breathlessness, Hair loss

  • Soreness of the tongue, Rapid heartbeat, Slow thinking

  • Mouth ulcers, Low blood pressure, Joint pain

As the deficiency in vitamin B12 progresses, more severe symptoms can occur.

  • Reduced heart function

  • Decreased taste and smell

  • Changes in your reflexes

  • Depression, guilt, and anxiety

  • Memory problems

  • Psychosis

  • Blurred vision

  • Poor muscle function

If untreated for too long, severe vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms can become permanent.

Many problems are caused by conditions that create malabsorption of vitamin B12, including gastritis, gastric surgeries, inflammation of the pancreas, and intestinal parasites.

The long-term use of proton pump inhibitors for reflux disease and H2-receptor blockers - commonly used to treat high blood pressure - can also lead to B12 absorption issues.

However, mild deficiency can be solved by adjusting your diet with a balance of healthy food rich in vitamin B12.

Natural Sources of B12

A proper diet should include enough sources of B12 to meet your daily needs. So, consider these choices with the highest amounts as you plan your meal.

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Meat and Seafood – The richest sources of B12 from animal products come from – animal liver and kidneys, fish, eggs, octopus, oysters, and clams. If these foods are not high on your list of preferred ingredients – never fear! You can also find good sources of B12 in tuna, crab, ground beef, herring, and wild game meat. Nearly all animal meat contains B12.

Dairy products – These animal products are also very high in B12. Milk, cheese, and yogurt are all excellent sources to bolster your intake.

Fruits and vegetables – Only a few vegetables provide significant B12. The first is Nori – the Japanese word for seaweed. This can come dried as a snack and contains more B12 than any other vegetable. You would have to eat around three-and-a-half ounces of Nori to meet the daily recommended levels.

The second highest source of B12 from a vegetable is Shitake mushrooms. The amount of B12 in each mushroom can vary greatly. However - if you can eat two cups of dried shitakes a day – it should provide your recommended amount.

There are no fruits known to contain large amounts of B12; thus, fruits are not considered a source of this essential vitamin.

Fortified foods – plant-based milk, cereal, and nutritional yeast can all be fortified with B12, making them a good source, especially for those on a vegan or vegetarian diet.

Increasing your dietary intake of B12 is a great way to ensure you get enough. As you can see, receiving what you need can be daunting for those who do not make animal products a part of their diets.

The other alternative is to find a supplement that provides your daily source of B12. However, not all supplements are created equal. In fact, supplements are incredibly under-regulated and fail to have standards of any type.

There's a company that's resolved to change this by creating its own standards that are above and beyond industry norms.

Why Not Natural

Why not "go with the flow" and follow the crowd? Why not produce supplements that don't meet any sort of standard?

Because Why Not Natural is different. They are a family-owned and operated company based out of Houston, Texas, and they chose to do things differently. Since the FDA doesn't require proof of safety or effectiveness in the supplement world, Why Not Natural is bringing those standards to the supplement world.

They have set their own standards that include:

  • No fillers

  • No sugars

  • No artificial preservatives

  • No sweeteners

Why Not Natural is headed by Kelin, a chemical engineer and mother of three. She cares about safety and effectiveness and has standards for the supplement industry. That's why every batch of products used by Why Not Natural is tested by a 3rd party lab. This ensures purity and safety.

And they are proud to introduce to you a great B12 supplement with no market comparison.


The natural way to boost your mood, energy, and memory.

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Wellness Magazine Master Club

This natural supplement is rich in Methylcobalamin, the most readily used form of B12 – so your body gets the most out of every dose.

Proper B12 levels also support immunity, a healthy metabolism, and nervous system function.

Compare the massive potency of this B12 supplement to others, and you will see that it's at least twice the strength.

Vegan-friendly and completely organic, this supplement has everything you need and none of the things you don't.

With a 4 ½ star rating out of over 8,000 reviews, there is certainly a difference from the rest. Here is just one of the thousands of outstanding reviews:

Best on the market in my opinion – This is the best B12 I have ever taken, the liquid is smooth and has a nice taste. The effects are wonderful, they give me so much energy that I'm down from 4 cups of coffee in the morning to one! – Mizz B

Why Not Natural wants you to feel confident with your purchase, so they offer an irresistible 60-day money-back guarantee on all the products they sell.

If you are looking for other outstanding natural supplements, Why Not Natural offers 8 different products. Could they have more … sure, but then the focus on quality would be lost; one such product that goes hand in hand with B12 is this excellent supplement.

D3 + K2

Extra strength and formulated with U.S.A.-grown organic spirulina instead of cheap fillers.

Wellness Magazine Master Club

Wellness Magazine Master Club

Vitamin D3 deficiency is a real problem. One of the latest studies has found that over 41% of the U.S. population is deficient in this crucial vitamin. Instead of baking in the sun all day to get your levels up, consider this as an alternative.

D3 is critical in the metabolism of calcium for use in your bones. A vitamin D3 deficiency in adults often leads to osteoporosis.

The K2 found in this supplement is crucial for proper heart function and improved blood flow. And it works synergistically with vitamin D3, ensuring the blood's calcium is utilized efficiently.

Like all Why Not Natural products, there is no junk in their D3+K2 supplement, just the support and nutrition you need.

Thousands of people are using this potent all-natural supplement; like all Why Not Natural products, most have nothing but good things to say.

This works! – This works! My husband and I have been taking this for several months. I'll admit my husband has been much more diligent about taking it everyday. We live in Western NY and low vitamin D levels are prevalent in this area of the U.S. due to our lack of sunshine. In 3 months my husband's vitamin D went from 28 to 64. That's a great jump! I'll have blood work done next month so I'll update with mine then. We will be buying this again and again. – L Davis

Effectiveness, purity, and safety are the main concerns whenever Why Not Natural is crafting a product.

So, get more energy, boost your mood, and protect your health with these natural supplements that are created to a higher standard.


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