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A Small Berry Attracting a lot of Deserved Attention

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What if someone told you about a powerful fruit in a remote region taking the world by storm? What if they said the fruit fights cancer and beautifies your skin and hair gently and naturally?

You might think, "Great, another natural product claim. "You'd want evidence, right? Are clinical studies and personal testimonies enough to wet your whistle?

Before we dive into the details of the beautiful red berry packed with properties and compounds that attack damaged skin cells inside and outside the body, we encourage you to do a little sleuthing.

Go to where you keep your skin, hair, and personal care products and closely read the ingredients. Many tout one or a few natural ingredients on their labels and then tuck in a cocktail of harmful, lab-created chemical ingredients that build up in your system and can cause toxic overload that affects your skin, hair, and health.

Did you know skin is the body’s largest organ? Everything you put on it is absorbed through the pores into your body, where all systems work to use every atom for your health, energy, and strength. Clogging your body with harsh artificial chemicals it can’t eliminate does the opposite and contributes to inflammation, breakdown, and disease.

Botanical ingredients soothe, nourish, protect, and make sense. Our bodies are in balance with nature. Working together harmoniously is like fitting a plug into an energy source, providing the essential raw materials required for optimum vibrancy and health.

Blushwood Beauty Botanical Facial Serum+

The Mighty Blushwood Berry's Powerful Potential

Blushwood Berries—Hylandia dockrillii and Fontainea picrosperma—have been used and respected by Aboriginal peoples throughout the centuries. Today, Blushwood Berries are making headlines around the globe for their disease-fighting compound called EBC-46, Tigilanol Tiglate. Specifically, the berries are demonstrating their effectiveness in helping treat cancer.

Dr. Glen Boyle and his team have been studying EBC-46 at the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, testing the berry on dogs, cats, and horses with melanoma scheduled for euthanasia. They found that when injecting the tumors with EBC-46, they would eventually turn dark and fall off, some within 24 hours. (1) EBC-46 in blushwood berries appears to cut off the oxygen supply to the tumor, causing the cancer cells to wither and die.

In many cases, the single injection treatment triggered the loss of viability of cancer cells within four hours and eventually destroyed the tumors. – Dr. Glen Boyle.

Our featured company, Aussie Pure, handcrafts an oral and topical use Maximum Strength Blushwood Berry Tincture containing EBC-46 with personal testimonies and experience demonstrating similar, favorable results. Along with cancer-fighting EBC-46, blushwood berries are high in polyphenol and carotenoid antioxidants—potent anti-inflammatory and free radical fighting compounds. These compounds support the restoration of damaged skin and hair caused by everyday living: wind, sun, chemicals, pollution, and other stresses. 

The universe’s first scientist, Mother Nature, knows health and beauty best and has provided us with the purest essentials to look and feel our best. Blushwood Berry EBC-46, Kakadu Plums, and Pomegranates are three exceptional contributions. We can’t control everything when it comes to toxic exposure, such as off-gassing and pollution, but we can minimize the harm by choosing only the best natural and organic products available made by people who know and care.

Kakadu Plum

About the size of a large grape, with yellow-greenish skin, Kakadu Plums often go by the name of Billy Goat Plums. Growing in the harsh Northern Australian environment, Kakadu Plums have developed a dense concentration of nutrients and properties unfound in other natural botanicals. The Aboriginal peoples have eaten and made natural antiseptics and therapeutic body balms from this hearty powerhouse fruit since the beginning of time.

Rich in vitamins, antioxidants, potassium, fiber, and vitamin C,  Kakadu Plums contain 55 times the Vitamin C of an orange, more than any other plant source. Its high vitamin C content, nutrients, antioxidants, and protective properties help nourish and naturally reduce fine lines and wrinkles and make hair shine.     


Pomegranates are bursting with natural properties that enhance health and beauty. Early Bronze Age excavations show they are native to Iran and the Himalayas and were the first cultivated fruits. Called the Fruit of Gods, it was a given that the rich red time-tested fruit would be an essential part of Aussie Pure’s formulas.

Pomegranates are anti-inflammatory, packed with nutrients, rich in antioxidants, fight cancer, viruses, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and more.

As for skin and hair, the juicy little seeds take on acne, age spots, and oxidative damage to skin cells that increase the risk of developing wrinkles. They also promote collagen production, strengthen hair follicles, and tame frizzies and flyaways.

The Three Musketeers of the Health and Beauty world abound in Aussie Pure’s Blushwood Beauty Botanical Facial Serum+ and its Blushwood-Kakadu-Pomegranate Everyday Tincture.

Blushwood Beauty Botanical Facial Serum+

The science behind Aussie Pure’s 100% plant-based skin serum plus is as sage as the beginning of the world when plant life was vibrant, pure, unspoiled, and waiting to nourish human life. Understanding this, Aussie Pure’s creators tapped into plant power to formulate their products.

“We’re talking about glowing beauty and health,” Aussie’s Pure Product Developer, Debbie Tracy, says. “Just look out your window or find a patch of forest or meadow and feast on nature’s beauty. Diverse oxygen-producing plants reach for the power of the life-sustaining sun. The wind rustles leaves to soothe, delight and spread seeds. Rain refreshes, sustains, and washes everything clean. Even nature’s perfume is there to entice or repel. People are drawn to discover flora's hidden offerings necessary for us to thrive spectacularly. What Aussie Pure does is gratefully and humbly sets those gifts free to do what they were designed to do.”

 Aussie Pure Blushwood Beauty Serum+

 Aussie Pure Blushwood Beauty Serum+

Heroing Blushwood Berry EBC-46, High Vitamin C Kakadu Plum, and the mighty Pomegranate was the first step in Aussie Pure formulating their Blushwood Beauty Botanical Facial Serum+. The second was to add other luscious skin and hair-specific oils such as sea buckthorn, moringa, carrot seed, rosehip, and calendula. The resulting silky, fast-absorbing formula smooths, brightens, moisturizes, restores, protects, and is anti-aging, so you look and feel your best. And the cherry on top? The fresh, natural pomegranate oil, rose, and ylang-ylang essential oil scent.

Blushwood Beauty Botanical Serum+ Testimonies:

Cleared Up Chemo Burns

The blushwood berry that is used for shrinking of tumor cells and immunity has worked better than I expected. My WBC has not dropped with chemo treatments since taking it. I haven’t had a scan yet to see if the cancer has shrunk. I will post an update for it later. The one for beauty cleared up my skin in about 2 weeks that had been burned and peeling from chemo. I will definitely keep these on hand. —Tammy Wilson

Love This Product

This serum I use every day, it makes my face glow, it replenishes any dry skin, it feels great and looks good on my face, any excess oil on my palm I just rub into my hair which makes it softer. Love this product. – Kim L.

Bye Bye Lines

I am loving this beauty serum. After only a few days I am seeing fewer lines around my eyes and the deeper lines on my forehead are improving as well. I'm so excited to have found something I can trust to be safe and is working so quickly. — Gail Bendrat

A Permanent Addition to my Daily Skincare Routine

I've been using this serum for about three weeks now. The initial impression was great, the formula is smooth and not greasy like other serums. I have sensitive skin and this product didn't irritate my skin but soothed it instead. I've had a dry rash around my nose/cheek since the start of fall and after about a week, I noticed it start to fade. My boyfriend also started using this serum and his more oily complexion now appears more balanced. The product arrived quickly and was well packaged. Definitely recommending it to friends and family! – Jenna L.

Blushwood-Kakadu-Pomegranate Everyday Tincture

Blushwood-Kakadu-Pomegranate Everyday Tincture was created for daily use to support the immune system, target damaged cells, and help fight free radicals and inflammation. It is especially beneficial in conjunction with a clean diet and living space.

Combining all the benefits of Blushwood Berry EBC-46, High Vitamin C Kakadu Plum, and High-Antioxidant Pomegranate, this tincture is a valuable addition to any health and beauty regime.

Blushwood-Kakadu-Pomegranate Everyday Tincture


NOTE: Blushwood Berry is used by humans and pets.

There is Hope :)

My father has been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma stage III. I came across the Aussie Human Therapy Maximum Strength Blushwood Berry Tincture. Everything went smoothly with ordering and delivering. I hope this product will help my father slow down the cancer. I have ordered now for the second time and as long as I see my Father improving and his bloodwork as well, I will keep ordering from Aussie Pure. God bless you all for trying to find a way to help people with Cancer. Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness. -Sibel Yigitoglu

A Success Story

I purchased your product for my daughter for her boxer who had Squamous Cell Carcinoma in her mouth back up under her tongue. They had given up and thought she would be dead by April. We started her on this and within 3 days we started to see an improvement. It is completely gone! In less than 3 months your product has cured her of terminal Squamous Cell cancer. When we had called the vet clinic they said "Are you ready to euthanize her." I can not believe it. Anyway, I just wanted you to be aware. Feel free to call me back if you want to hear more about this testimonial. And thank you for your product! —Julie S., Iowa

A Vote of Confidence

We all know buying off the internet can be a bit scary...

We all know buying off the internet can be a bit scary and never quite know who your dealing with but its nice to know there are still good people out there and you should  be proud that you are among this group of people. —A.C., Langley City, BC

Free Floating Cancer

I purchase Blushwood Berry for my dad who is 86 yrs of age. He has a size of a cherry cancer behind his lungs and heart, free floating. He had aggressive care CHEMO 4 years ago the doctor said there's nothing else they can do for him. :(  A friend told him about Blushwood Berry - I search and order it 5 weeks ago and praise the Lord he is doing well. He told me that walking to the mail box was very hard for him. I ask what was the problem? Short of breathing now he is able to walk to and from with no problem It's been 4 weeks. —Donna - Queensland, AU

Tumor Shrinking

Seems to be working thus far

Tumor seems to be shrinking and has disconnected from the feeder vein —Tyman Oreilly

Mast cancer in my Dog:

Our dog Molly was diagnosed with mast cancer in her right rear leg. We had it surgically removed, but as we were told it grew back. We thought now we just let nature take its course. Upon speaking with one of my cousins, he had heard years ago from a close friend & scientist who worked with a research agency here in Australia about the blushwood berry & had had excellent results with dogs. So onto good ol Dr Google & found Aussie Pure. We ordered the Pet Therapy. We have been applying it now for around 2 weeks & are seeing the mass slowly reducing. It is going to be a long road with the mass being the size it is, we are hopeful that there may be a light at the end, so I am going to order another bottle & see if we can defeat this cancer. Thank you Aussie Pure – Donald W. – Queensland

Aussie Pure: Harnessing the Power of Nature to Heal and Protect

Based out of Minnesota, Aussie Pure is a family-owned and operated business producing the finest natural and organic products. Selling globally, Aussie Pure was early to recognize the superb healing properties stored within the Blushwood Berry. Every batch of Blushwood Berry EBC-46 is third-party tested for authenticity and to be free of heavy metals, lead, and pesticide residues.

Free of soy, dairy, gluten, alcohol, and artificial fragrance, Aussie Pure’s vegan range of products for humans and pets positively impacts the lives of customers who trust them.

That’s what they do. Try their health and beauty products to see what a daily dose of Aussie Pure can do for you!


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