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4 Effective Psoriasis Tips

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Psoriasis can be quite a frustrating experience for many people. It is considered a chronic skin condition with flare-ups occurring at times that can be difficult to manage. However, there are ways and means to ease the symptoms with the right kind of help! If this sounds like you, read on!

Psoriasis can affect people differently; the common symptoms are patches of red, dry, or flaky skin on particular areas of the body. Sometimes the symptoms can worsen or lessen to varying degrees. The key thing is to adapt and learn how to manage it in a way that truly benefits you.

Here are some tips to help you!

  • Firstly, it is important to get the correct diagnosis of the skin condition. There are many skin conditions and it is easy to confuse them. Too often we can self-diagnose or just treat the issue ourselves without really investigating the symptoms fully. So first things first- see your health physician a proper assessment can be conducted. Once you know what the problem is, you can take action to remedy it. With Psoriasis, in particular, the condition is caused due to an excess of skin cells. Normally skin cells are regenerated around every 4 weeks, however, with Psoriasis the skin cells overly produce, typically every 7 days or so.

  • Flare-ups are common with Psoriasis. These flare-ups are normally caused by a certain trigger. Over time, you can establish what may trigger the Psoriasis to flare up and you can navigate a way to minimize the trigger. Triggers can be many things; they may even be by a medication that is taken for a cold or infection. It is important to look at your health habits broadly so you can limit illnesses and infections that may cause your psoriasis to flare up.

  • Further on from point 2, the immune function may play a vital role in Psoriasis. Although the exact cause of Psoriasis is unknown, it may be linked to the immune system which attacks healthy skin cells in people with Psoriasis. Look after your immune function as much as possible- it is your body’s natural defense system!

  • Ensure you get the right treatment at the right time. Although there is no actual cure for Psoriasis, there are valid and effective treatments that can help to ease the common symptoms. These are generally topical treatments such as ointments or creams. Cases that are more severe may benefit from additional treatments such as phototherapy.

Hopefully, these tips have helped you. There are many experts in the area of Psoriasis and how to treat it. Seek them out once you are diagnosed and look after yourself in order to prevent or limit flare-ups! Baar Products are on hand to assist with their range of topical remedies.

Baar Products Inc. is an enterprise of medically oriented individuals dedicated to providing you, your family, and health care professionals with innovative health and wellness solutions.

Bruce Baar is the Owner and CEO of Baar Products, Inc. Dr. Baar has a Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics, a Masters in Health, and a Doctorate in Naturopathy. He worked for many years in the medical diagnostic industry before beginning his own company, specializing in natural health care and beauty products. His wife Kathy Baar is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Dental Hygiene School, R.D.H. with a B.S. in Public Health. Together, their care and compassion create a constant influence on the services and products offered to customers and clients.

“The purity and freshness of our products is our highest priority. The high-quality ingredients combined with our great prices has positioned us as a value leader in the industry. Our Hair Care, Skin Care, and Beauty Products are created with unique, safe, and effective ingredients. Nature's Blessing™ is our line of high-quality natural vitamins and supplements.”- Bruce Baar, MS,ND instead of Baar Products.

Psoriasis Cream

Baar’s Psoriasis Cream offers Soothing Relief for Troublesome Skin Problems. If the distress of itching, redness, and scaling associated with psoriasis, eczema, contact allergies, and other skin disorders have become a constant bother, then this unique formula offers you relief at last! 

Baar Products Psoriasis Cream contains Salicylic Acid- an ingredient proven to provide relief from itching and scaling, blended in a soothing base of natural herbs and oils including botanical extract of Citrus, Cod Liver Oil, Echinacea, Jojoba Oil, Lemon Grass Oil, Rose Hip Seed Oil, Vitamin E Oil, and Yellow Dock.

This cream provides relief on contact. It calms, soothes, and moisturizes skin, and penetrates deeply to restore and renew skin. If you choose one cream for Psoriasis relief- this one should be it!

  • For troublesome skin problems including psoriasis, eczema, contact allergies, and other skin conditions.

  • Eases itching & redness.

  • Contains Salicylic Acid - proven to provide relief from itching and scaling associated with psoriasis.

  • All Natural base of soothing herbs and botanicals

  • Fast relief on contact

“Our Mind/Body products are in a classification all their own. The Radiac and the Baar Wet Cell Battery are creating history. These products are sold throughout the world and their performance is documented in books like Hope Springs Eternal by David Atkinson and Experience the Radiac by Dr. Bruce Baar. Recently we acquired Iodex®, a well-loved antiseptic salve, which has been available for over 100 years. Iodex is a valuable and complementary addition to our expanding line of health products”- Baar Products

American Saffron Tea and Slippery Elm Bark Powder Kit

This kit is a great way to help you get started with your psoriasis-free lifestyle.

“We put this kit together with your health in mind. The convenience of this kit will save you time and money. Psoriasis is not just a cosmetic problem. Affecting an estimated 3 percent of the world's population according to the National Psoriasis Foundation, psoriasis is far more reaching and severe than most people who suffer from it are aware. In fact, 60 percent of people with psoriasis find it to be a large problem in their daily lives”- Baar Products

Edgar Cayce explained psoriasis as an internal eliminations disease where the walls in the upper intestinal tract are "thinned" causing substances to "leak" out into the blood and lymphatic systems. American Saffron's Latin name is "Carthamus tinctorius." It is also known as "Dyers' Saffron" or "False Saffron." Contains whole flower stamens. This product was recommended by Edgar Cayce as a digestive and intestinal cleansing aid.

His quote is as follows: "Make a tea from the American Saffron; a teaspoonful to a pint of water, let steep as tea or in a crock, and so that the water simmers but not boils too much. This would be strained, and it may be taken two to three times a day, a good big swallow, or a small jigger of the solution." CAUTION: American Saffron is a member of the Asteraceae botanical family, which also includes daisy, ragweed, canola, chamomile and other common allergens. People with known allergies to these plants are at a higher risk of having an allergy to American Saffron.

“If you are taking daily medications or are pregnant or nursing consult a physician before use. Slippery Elm Bark powder helps sore digestive tracts feel better. Slippery Elm Bark powder is especially useful as it can be taken internally, directly placed in water as an elm water drink or tea, made into an extract, or used externally as a poultice. Our powder is 100% Pure and free of any excipients, preservatives or additives”- Baar Products

  • Contains 2 Herbal Teas to Help Calm & Soothe Psoriasis and Eczema

  • Digestive & Intestinal Cleansing Aid

  • Recommended by Dr. John Pagano in his book, "Healing Psoriasis"

  • Soothes Digestive Tract

“We have over 130 acres of pristine land in Pennsylvania and Tennessee. These properties include highly regarded “woods-grown” herbs and wild plants. These investments allow us to preserve and provide you with the world’s best natural products. We are now operating and manufacturing using clean Solar Energy. Our “Solar Crafted” products and our commitment to sustainability is our gift to the future!”-Dr. Bruce Baar

Baar.com is a unique online resource for Health, Beauty, and Wellness. They are also the Official, Worldwide Supplier of Edgar Cayce Health Care. Since 1986, Baar Products, Inc. has empowered the individual in their health care choices and provided support for the health care profession with alternative therapy options.


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